Sleep in Peace, Simba Bodine


My beloved Simba is gone. Though I will miss him terribly, I’m grateful for all of the years he was part of our family, and grateful that he is not in any more pain.

Simba has always loved to sleep. As I was going through my pictures, I noticed how many of them are of him sleeping. He loved to sleep on his back and many other uncomfortable-looking positions. It didn’t really matter where it was, either, as long as he could get his beauty rest. It was a habit that started early on, and continued throughout his life.


feb15 002

feb15 009

feb15 010

feb15 012


spring break2 290

Spring Summer 2011 (chickens) 090

POTD 1-24 012

Christmas Holidays 488

My Simba Boy is now taking his final, long, restful nap. I really don’t know if animals go to heaven when they die, but if they do, I think he is asleep in some crazy position out in the meadow beside a street of gold.

Timbalie Bodine was our boy for a long time. He made it to the ripe old age of 18 years old. I had been telling people this, hoping my calculations were correct, but then it was confirmed when I found some of his baby pictures with a date stamp on it.



We got Simba when he was a wee little tyke, from a litter Bud’s sister’s cat had. He was the runt of the bunch, and always remained a smallish cat, though that didn’t stop him from holding on to his territory in the neighborhood. He was an outside cat from a very early age, and he always loved the outdoors. He was quite the hunter. His favorite snack was Chameleon, and he also enjoyed a bird from time to time when I wasn’t looking. He was friends with the Opossums. There was a Mother Opossum and a clan of babies at one of our houses and they lived in harmony together. He often turned a blind eye when they would come to feast on his cat food at night. They would walk right by him, and he would stir, look at them, and then continue sleeping.

Sep 4k 094

Christmas Holidays 361


Simba had many adventures. One of the biggest adventures was when we went to my parents’ home in the country on the Eve of Y2K. We had loaded up the car with our most precious belongings, including Simba, and headed to the Hill Country to escape the coming crash. The crash never happened in the way we expected. We had another one, instead, which came in the form of Simba escaping. He always loved home, and when he escaped from that strange place we had taken him to, he headed South for home. We thought he was gone for good. My sister and Dad made signs and posted them along the road to their house. Miracle of all miracles, we got a phone call. Simba had made it to a lady’s house quite a ways down the road. She saw that he looked well cared for, and decided to hold on to him. I couldn’t thank that lady enough when we picked Simba up. It really was a miracle.

Simba loved his rubdowns. He wasn’t content with just a short one, either. He especially loved to be petted by Bud, rather, it was more like a massage! You could just see the ecstasy on his face when Bud gave him a rubdown.

He endured, with grace, the many permutations of his name that I called him: Simba Boy, Bo, Little Gray Simbo, Bo-Bo-Boy, Bodine, Timbalie Bodine, BeeBee BooBoo, Pretty Boy….all humiliating, I’m sure, and he got teased quite a bit by some of the other cats in the neighborhood.

Sep 4k 093

Simba never came to terms with the chickens. He was terrified of them. I tried many times to help them get acquainted, but he always ran away. I don’t blame him, really. They were bigger than he was, and not the slightest bit intimidated of him, in fact, they always came toward him, rather than run away. He got pecked on more than one occasion.

Sep 4k 105

POTD 1-14 065

POTD 1-14 057

When we moved to our new house, Simba roamed the neighborhood and made friends with the neighborhood cats. The lady who lives (coincidentally) catty-cornered to us, took a shine to Simba. Simba started spending more time across the street than he did at home. I finally decided to bring him inside for good. He was getting older, anyway, and at times, it seemed that the heat was getting to him. Surprisingly, he adapted pretty well to being an inside cat. We’d attempted it one other time, when Simba got an unexpected baby brother (who preceded him in death), and he always wanted outside. Maybe it was just that he wanted to get away from the baby brother, Sebastian, who was bigger than him, interrupted his sleep, and who he never liked.

The long trips up to our new place were rough on Simba…10 1/2 hours one way. He didn’t handle ‘change’ well, either, so being up there was stressful for him. He was an old cat, and old cats have aches and pains, and like a ‘routine’ way of life. Still, he found plenty of time to sleep up there, and most of the time, it was with a heater pointed right at him. He also went outside a bit to explore and enjoy the outdoors while we were there.

Christmas Holidays 120

Simba really started to go downhill fast the last month of his life. He had kidney disease. He had always been a thin cat, but he started eating less and less. Toward the end, he was painfully thin, and his hips seemed to hurt him a lot and were very stiff when he had to get up and move.

I knew the time was getting near, when he didn’t come to greet me in the morning. We had fallen into a routine, Simba and I. I would get up, start the coffee pot, put on the bacon or sausage for Bud’s breakfast, and then sit down on the hearth with my coffee and give Simba a rubdown. The last day, he didn’t come to greet me. He had gotten really weak and walking was starting to get more difficult. Instead, I went to him. Up to the last, when I came up to him to pet him, he insisted on getting out of his bed, into my lap, and still purred when I pet him.

Simba lived a long, good life, had many adventures, and was loved by me and Bud, very much. I’ll miss you so much, my beautiful Simba Boy.

march 8 010

July 20 2013 025


13 thoughts on “Sleep in Peace, Simba Bodine

  1. Oh Kara, I am soooo sorry. What a thing to have to deal with, with all the other stuff you are going through now. You have some really wonderful pictures to remember him by. Rest in peace Simba.


    1. Thank you for your sweet sentiments Granny. It has been a rough day. Much harder losing him, than losing Corla. The house has been exceedingly empty today. 😦 I’ve felt heavy and depressed, and have had a bad headache. I keep thinking I see Sim out of the corner of my eye, or hear him doing something,
      forgetting that he’s gone.


    1. Thank you, Lee Ann. Yes, it has been a very stressful last two months, with the quick trip to AR, getting the house ready to show, putting the house on the market and then losing Corla and Sim. 😦


  2. Sooo sorry about Simba. My heart is hurting for you. I don’t take death very well, whether people or animals. Praying for the King’s comfort for you and Bud.


  3. I just sent you an email and it does not show in my sent file or anywhere else. It disappeared. Was responding to this.

    So very sorry about Simba. I can’t handle death whether people or animals very well anymore. I’m still grieving over the death of Miss Kitty months ago. I know what you are going through. How we loved our pets. Praying for the King to comfort you and Bud. PS Good pictures happy memories.


    1. Thank you for your prayers, Aunt Suzanne. I appreciate them greatly. I know how much you love animals, too, and I’m so sorry about your Miss Kitty, too.


  4. Oh Kara. It’s hard losing a pet! In October, my 12 year old Dauschund (gracie) passed. From a puppy she followed my every step, leaned up against me for a nap every time I sat down and always loved belly rubs. Watching her decline and die in a weeks time was hard but a blessing it went quick. We loved her so much. I still miss her terribly. Your Simba was precious. The pictures capture so much of his personality lol. Amazing how fun, loving and even therapeutic our animals are for us. I thank God for animals! Prayers to you my friend! β™₯


    1. Thank you so much, Sandy. You do understand. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry, too, about Grace. She must have loved you a lot, to follow you around. I appreciate your prayers, and prayers headed your way, too!


  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Simba 😦 My heart is heavy for you, it seems you and Bud are getting hit from all sides. Praying comfort and peace on you.


  6. I can feel the love you have for your sweet Simba, Kara … the photos are so dear to you, I am sure! It’s hard to lose our pets … they become such a part of the family, but mostly they take a big chunk of our hearts! We have two cats, each one with different personalities in the way they show their love to us. They were both ‘rescues’ … the male, adopted from a pet store, is about 10 years old yet still jumps around like a kitten. The other one, female, and such a gentle little thing, is quite small in size. She showed up on our porch one day in the fall of 2008 and went about adopting us! I know I would dearly miss them and a big space in my heart would be empty if we were to lose either one. I would rather choose to believe that our beloved pets will be in heaven … I’ve seen a couple of scriptures that tend to make me believe that. You will be in my prayers, Kara … and, I also want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting, or posting lately. I’ve really missed doing both. Life has been a bit rough around the edges for us lately, but I’ll be back again soon to catch up with you! ((Hugs))


    1. Thank you, Debi, for stopping by! You don’t ever have to apologize for not reading. Life is unexpected, and certainly, much more important than reading a blog. I’m sorry to hear that it has been rough for you, lately.

      I appreciate your prayers! It still hurts so much, but is much less raw today. Hoping you have many more years with your own kitties!


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