High School Orchestra Banquet

10406737_10202052724822960_4968067563624968638_n(Photo Courtesy of Bud’s I-Phone)

I realize this will be a ‘repeat’ for several of you. I’d like to put it down as a blog post for posterity’s sake, and also for those of you who haven’t heard it, yet.

The Orchestra Banquet was last Friday. The theme was ‘The Great Gatsby’ (Roaring 20’s). I found out about that theme two days beforehand. I had to go out and look for a dress for a retirement reception coming up. All of my ‘nice clothes’ are years old. (I don’t get out much.) I’m not a ‘shopper’–HATE shopping, in fact, I usually have to ‘crisis shop’ when I have an event to go to. As it turned out, one of the first things I saw was a formal dress in a “Petite” size (which basically means it’s for short people.)

1682909I tried it on, and it fit perfectly. I thought it would ‘do’ for the theme, and my ideas took off from there. I found some bangle bracelets and a multi-chain necklace that had a ’20’s’ vibe to it.

Orchestra Banquet Garden 008I decided to make a flapper headband, and while I was in the craft section at Walmart, I found a boa. So…it all just sort of came together. Everything I bought, I found on sale, too!

Orchestra Banquet Garden 004

I practiced my makeup that morning, painted my toes and fingernails, and put my hair in pin curls. Let me interject here, that those women of the 20’s had to have been POSSESSED to have done those pin curls all the time. It was crazy. By the time I was finished, I was sweating, and my arms were aching! It took a LONG time.

I have to preface the posting of these pictures, by saying this is an exercise in ‘dying to pride’ for me. I hate these pictures. I’m also posting them for comic relief (at the expense of my dignity.) Hey, at least I can laugh about it!  I sent these to a few people and they told me I looked like my mother. :-/ I agree. I look OLD…and I’ve been feeling very old, lately, too.



To be honest, I was kind of embarrassed about how the hair came out. The gray hair didn’t really work with the pin curls. It just made me look like a little old lady. I ended up brushing the bangs out and off to the side later, which I Iiked a little better. I guess I was going more for an older ‘Mrs. Claypool’ look, rather than ‘flapper’. It came out as sort of a mixture of the two. Here is the reference for ‘Mrs. Claypool.’

I also found this picture of a flapper I was using as sort of a guide for the hair and make up:


Are you ready for the finished product? Brace yourself…it’s not pretty, LOL.

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

Wait for it…


Snapshot_20140523_10 Sadly, I think I came out looking more like Nora Desmond, than a flapper or Mrs. Claypool.

“I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.”



Here is the reference for that quote:

Bud wore his Tuxedo Tails, and he looked devastatingly handsome. The Assistant Director wore a flapper dress with fringes. The kids loved it! One of the kids came up to me with genuine shock and said, “You look like DAISY!” (Who I think is the main character from the movie. I don’t know…we’ve not seen the movie.) So many of the students (and parents) told me I looked pretty. I think they must have felt sorry for me. 🙂

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Bud’s students. He has ‘the Cream of the Crop.’ They are so smart, polite and uninhibited. So many students came up to me to introduce themselves to me. I would say that 99 percent of them initiated shaking my hand, which I responded to by shaking their hand and telling them it was nice to meet them.

There was one male student who came up to our table periodically and asked us if we needed anything. After the dinner, he came up and took our plates away for us. I can’t post any pictures of students for legal reasons. All of them looked so nice! Most of them wore short formal dresses, some wore long, 20-ish formals, many wore flapper headbands. Al of them looked SO nice.

The dinner was catered by a local BBQ restaurant. They served Grilled Chicken, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes and a roll. After the dinner, they had “Paper Plate” awards which are usually something funny. They gave one to each student. Bud’s award this year was ‘The Did Tennessee what Arkansas’ award. (from the joke, “Did Tena SEE what Arkan SAW? I don’t know Alaska) <I’ll Ask Her>.) We kept several  of Bud’s Paper Plate awards from years past. One of them was, “Most likely to turn every question you ask into a life lesson,” meant affectionately, of course.

They gave Bud a rustic looking small suitcase which was filled with ‘goodbye’ notes. The idea is that once he has moved, and missing them, he can take one out each day and read it to remember them by. He cheated, and already read a few (and he let me read them too.) They are tear-jerkers. I’m so proud of the impact that Bud has had on these students’ lives. In his School District, he has been able to share his Christian views and teach them how to be good people, along with teaching them how to be good musicians.

They had a D.J. for the dance. All of the songs were ‘clean’ for the most part. There was no bumping and grinding. Nobody got out of hand. They were all perfect ladies and gentlemen. They seemed to enjoy the ‘retro’ songs more than the new stuff. During one slow dance, a group of girls came up to Bud, and I thought they were going to ask him to dance. I was wrong. They told him they wanted US to dance to the song. Bud and I went out there with about one minute of the song left and danced. The whole orchestra clapped for us when it was over.

All in all, I think a good time was had by all, including me and Bud.


8 thoughts on “High School Orchestra Banquet

  1. I enjoyed every minute of this one. I hope you can put these on dvds for the future. This one is cute and very special. thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you, Aunt Suzanne. It was supposed to be funny. I had fun putting it together. I think these posts are immortalized until life as we know it ends, unless I delete my account. Sadly, I have a tendency to get a wild hair and erase my entire existence off of the internet from time to time. This blog is more personal than the last one I had, though, and I appreciate the idea to put them on DVD.


  2. Oh stop it! (waving my hand) you look beautiful! What a glorious night for you both. Did I tell you that Jacob’s prom theme was the great gatsby? I haven’t watched the movie or read the book so I’m sort of at a loss about it…however, what a beautiful night for you. The word uninhibited describes today’s teenager so well! I find it refreshing that they can be confident with the people around them (the opposite of what I was like as a teen!). It’s so thoughtful that they each wrote notes. Teachers truly DO touch the lives of their students. what a blessing!! Kara, could you please email me your address?? I would love to write again! hugs.


    1. I read the post about Jacob’s Prom, but I didn’t remember the theme being ‘The Great Gatsby.’ I did notice that his date’s dress looked very 1920’s-ish, though. It was beautiful. I was the same way in HS (inhibited). I guess I grew up in an age where children were to be seen and not heard. I like that they can talk to adults without fear, too, with open communication, and to just be who they are.

      We will be moving in TWO WEEKS (Yipee!)…so I will email the new address to you. I think I’m actually the one who has dropped the ball on the letter writing, and I’m sorry. I will try to do better. 🙂


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