My Last Post Before We Move

spring break2 109

To say that I am excited about our move is the understatement of the century! I already have the chicken cages loaded into the back seat of my car! I have not one iota, jot or tittle of regret or remorse about leaving this place behind! Nada, Zip, Zilch. If there is anything I will miss, it’s the Independently owned little Italian ‘dive’ down the way that has the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten in my life, including their pizza. They make their own bread and pizza dough there, and it’s baked fresh daily. I’ll probably miss the snow cone place down the road, too. That’s it! My honey is coming with me, along with my chickens. What more does a girl need?

spring break2 549

Everything is moving right along with the contract on our house, and the Buyers have ordered the appraisal. The only possible hangup at this point would be if the house doesn’t appraise for what they Buyers are paying for it. We think we will be okay. We will close by mail or electronically on June 30.

Bud’s last day is this Friday, June 6th, and we will be gone within the next two days after that. It all depends on how quickly we can get the flatbed and cars loaded up. We have already made our ‘big’ move with the furniture. There is no way that all of the rest of our stuff will fit in our cars and the flatbed, and there is no way it will fit in the house, either, so we are still furiously trying to give things away.

spring break2 555

I’m not sure how long it will take for us to get our phone line and Internet service hooked up. We will not be able to use the Internet (except with our Smart Phones) including reading or posting blogs until we get hooked up. I will catch up with blogs when we are back amongst the living with our Internet. There are no phone jacks in the house, so that might delay things. We’ve heard that the ‘DSL’ Internet there is really slow because the phone lines are old, but we really want to stay away from Satellite Internet if we can. All of them have a limit as to how much data you can use, much like our Smart Phones. Since we will have a LAN line with long distance, we are planning on ditching our Smart Phones at some point and getting one or two cell phones (possibly prepaid) for emergencies only. Smart phones are getting a little too spooky for me, anyway. I hear that the Facebook App is going to start listening in to your surroundings.

“Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its smartphone app that can turn on usersโ€™ microphones and listen to whatโ€™s happening around them to identify songs playing or television being watched.”


Read the rest of the article: >Facebook Wants To Listen In On What You Are Doing<

Sorry Big Bro…that straw just broke the camel’s back for me.

spring break2 046

Speaking of Facebook, I have deactivated my account. I don’t think it’s permanent, but you never know. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love being in contact with my family and close friends…especially nieces and nephews that I wouldn’t otherwise have contact with. I have loved that part of it. HOWEVER…My friends list always seems to grow and get out of hand, and before I know it, I feel weighted down with the rest of the ‘junk’. I have enough stress in my life right now. I don’t need any more on top of it.

spring break2 028

I posted this video on my Facebook, and I’d like to post it here so it will be immortalized and kept forever. Did I ever tell you that I absolutely HATE, destest, and loathe these Gulf Coast, moisture-loving roaches? I will be so happy to leave these suckers behind. Give me some mice and snakes. I’ll take them any day over these things!


If you can’t watch this video, here is a link to the upload at Vimeo

>Send In The Clowns<

Squash 004

I hadn’t planned on growing a garden this year since we would be moving at the beginning of the Summer. Some of the feed back from the showings complained about the small back yard. (Amazingly, no one complained about the hen house!) There were two empty garden boxes filled with dirt clods, so I decided to go ahead and plant the garden boxes to make the backyard more appealing. It has been the most beautiful and healthy garden I’ve had since I started making attempts at it 10 years ago.ย  I have always been ashamed that I could not grow squash, but this year, for the first time, I understand the inundation that most people talk about in relation to growing their own squash. I even gave some to the widow lady across the street yesterday…because one can only eat so much squash before they get sick of it.

Squash 002I had been getting yellow squash, and I didn’t think I had any zucchini yet. After a big and heavy rain the other day, it temporarily flattened the plants. I saw something, looked a little closer, and there, buried underneath all of those big luscious squash leaves, I found the Zucchini that ate Houston! It was huge! I’m going to make Paleo Zucchini muffins out of him. Hehe. I have also found several yellow squash that have fused together, which I thought was interesting. I have nicknamed them the Bobsie Squash.

Orchestra Banquet Garden 030

I over-planted the garden–I usually do. I have two kinds of squash, some tomato plants and some pepper plants, which have pretty much been buried by the squash plants, but I have gotten some peppers off of the plants. They were huge by the time I found them. I have added the butter dish in there for perspective.

Orchestra Banquet Garden 032May 20, 2014B 013Squash 006

May 20, 2014B 012

That’s all of the news from Lake Winnipesaukee.

I bid you, Adieu, my friends…until we meet again.



10 thoughts on “My Last Post Before We Move

    1. Thank you, Kendra. I’ll be back blogging after we get settled and have Internet. I’ll eventually be back on Facebook. I have missed seeing and hearing about you and your family (and miss seeing all of those cute pictures of Micah and sharing his milestones.) …and I have also missed hearing about Kayla and your cousins, too.

      I have a feeling the whole world is going to look different once we have moved, our house is sold, things slow down and our stress levels subside. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Awesome Garden! The new owners will most likely enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That facebook thing is optional and only works on smartphones (like mine). My understanding is that A user will need to opt in to activate it. I don’t plan on doing that.

    Please keep in touch. You know where I live. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great moving trip and all that is associated with it. Your chickens are going to LOVE it there!


    1. Thank you, Lee Ann. My current phone is an I-phone. I want to believe that it’s as simple as ‘opting in’, but I just don’t trust it. My frustration with my phone has been growing and this is just the tip of the iceburg, anyway. Since I’m still cranking along on the 3G, more and more apps don’t work, and I sure don’t want a newer model that takes my fingerprints and has ‘face-time’. I’m one of those old conservative white hairs who resist ‘change’. It has been very frustrating trying to use our I-phones out there in the boonies, anyway. Besides…Bud gets really tired of turning the crank to generate the Internet power.

      I’m not disappearing off the internet! I’ll be back…you know me and the internet…I need it like I need blood flowing through my veins. I just don’t feel in touch with the world without it. We’ll get it…trust me…as soon as we can! I just wanted to warn people, like I did when I decided to take a break from FB. Even then, I’m getting the feeling that many people did not see it.


  2. Guess you now know how I (we) felt when we left Driftwood. This was totally my idea, primarily because I had lost my job in Austin, and was very discouraged, and was looking forward to a new beginning. It WAS MY idea and MY decision. Thank God I had support in my decision. Anyway, I am excited for you and Bud, and, hope you decide to call your Dad sometime and let me know how you are doing. Email and Facebook and all the other social networks are very impersonal to me. To hear one’s voice gives more information than a letter.
    I love you.
    Your Father


    1. Wow, Dad. (…or should I call you Father?) ๐Ÿ˜‰ I didn’t even think you were reading my blog! I’m honored and touched that you would not only read, but would make a comment. Seriously. Thank you…and thank you for sharing in our excitement. I know you do understand how I feel. I guess we are alike in needing ‘fresh starts’ sometime. I’m glad that you were able to get your fresh start, too.

      I WILL call you sometime. I understand how you feel about email and social media, so it means a lot to me that you would read my blog and make a comment on my blog. Written words mean a lot to me. Not only do I express myself better in writing, but when reading, I can really soak the words in, cherish them, think about them and read them over and over. I have already read your reply about seven times already. I mentally process thing slowly…just like Mama did.

      I respect that you like the phone, and as hard and as awkward as phone calls are for me, I will call you…because I know how much it means to you.

      Thank you, again, for your comment. I cherish it.

      I love you, too. Your Daughter


  3. Yay! The time has finally come! The dream has finally become a reality! “The blessings of the Lord make you rich and he adds no sorrow with it”. I am so happy for you.


  4. So glad you are about to wind up everything here and getting ready to move. It tickled me that you have your car packed with the hens’ stuff. I will miss your emails and blog, but know you will be so busy getting settled in. Whenever you are able to send any little info, would sure like to know you arrived up there safely and everything OK there. I am sooo excited for you and told my friend in san antonio that I was wishing we were moving to higher ground somewhere. But just the thought of all that we would have to do helps me to forget that wish. Whatever the King has for us is OK with me.

    Take care Love you


    1. Thank you, Aunt Suzanne. I will send an email from my phone to let you know we are okay. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we will have regular internet service. Bud is saying he wants to leave this Friday. I think that thought is ambitious, but we’ll see…we still have so much stuff to go through in the garage!


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