We Have a New Addition to Our Family


Grace 006

I know I said the last post was the last one before we moved, but I have to make this post!

To be sure, I have missed Simba terribly since he passed away. The house has been so empty without him, but I wasn’t sure I wanted another cat. It was actually Bud who suggested we get another cat. You see, we have mice in the new house. We know this because of the nests of toilet paper we’ve found inside the walls that we’ve taken down, and inside some of the drawers, not to mention the droppings. It’s part of the way of life out in the country. People in the country have mice, like people in Houston have the roaches from Hell. We’ve never found a LIVE mouse, but the last time Simba was with us up there, Bud was up late the night before we left and Old Sim was crashed out on the floor. Bud said all of the sudden, Simba jumped up out of dead sleep and was in alert mode. He had vigor and life not seen in him since he was a teenager. He was all ears, crouched down low to the floor and made a beeline to the cabinets in the old kitchen. Bud hadn’t heard a thing! …but old eagle ears heard it, and he was on it! Bud opened the cabinet doors, and Simba went all through there, but never emerged with a mouse. Nonetheless, it cemented the fact in Bud’s mind that we would be needing a good ‘mouser’ in the future.

Grace 034

I had a Maine Coon at one time, and loved him. He had the coolest personality. He followed me everywhere I went, met me at the door when I came home, and would sit on the edge of the bathtub while I took a bath. If the door was shut, he would bust right on in. I was hoping to get another one this time and had been informally looking online when Bud mentioned getting another cat.

We were out of the house while the appraisal was being done on our house, and decided to stop by Pet Smart to see what they had. They were having a Pet Adoption weekend and had cages in the front of the store and down the center aisle. I was playing with a cat named Wanda and had just about fallen in love with her, whenΒ  a lady came up and started trying to find out what our intentions were. Bud told her we were looking for a good mouser,(LOL)–not the kind of thing you say to these kinds of people where they give you the third degree on the application and they make you donate your first-born’s right arm to adopt one of those cats. The woman went into convulsions and started foaming at the mouth. One of her eyes bugged out and I think she threw up in her mouth a little bit. She immediately turned us over to this big burly guy, who took as to ‘the back’ to see ‘Sammy’…a good ‘barn cat’, he said. This cat was HUGE. It must have been a Maine Coone, but had none of the other characteristics of one. I held Sammy and petted him. He was a nice cat, but there were no sparks between us. We hurried out of the store, and tried not to make eye contact with the Queen of Cat Adoptions. Like Lot’s wife, I couldn’t resist looking back at Wanda, and saw the Queen instead. She was giving me the evil eye.

Grace 038

As I was looking on Craigslist, I saw that there was to be a pet adoption weekend at the local animal shelter. We decided to go. When we first went in the room, I was overwhelmed. There were many cute kittens, and just a few older cats. We wanted one that was playful and active. One cat made eye contact right in the beginning (Grace) and she reached out her paw to us. We had been touching the cats to see how they responded to us until a lady stuck her head in the door and barked at us not to touch the cats. Grace’s eyes followed us as we walked back and forth and she meowed at us. She seemed active. She was tugging on my heart strings and I finally chose her.

She has had her shots and has already been spayed, apparently recently. She is not a Maine Coon. She is a Tabby, but she reminds me of my Maine Coon. Grace isΒ  10 months old. She has also been micro-chipped. We had no choice. I’m not a fan of micro-chipping.

Grace 013

I’m sure some of you are probably wondering why I couldn’t come up with a more original name–I have one blogger friend who has a daughter named Grace, one family member with a dog named Gracie, and another friend who has a cat named Gracie. Well, it’s the name she had already been given by someone, and the name people at the shelter had been calling her. In all honesty, I’ve never been able to just call a pet by it’s given name, and I’ll probably end up calling her Gracie most of the time. It just sort of rolls off the tongue better than simply ‘Grace’ for an animal. I have always loved the name ‘Grace’, and I love the meaning of the word ‘Grace’ as well. I felt like it was a sign. Though you might think it stupid, I prayed before I went…that I would get the one meant for us. I wanted to make the right decision.

She was a good little traveler on the way home. We stopped on the way home and I ran in to Pet Smart to get a disposable litter box and some food. I didn’t like their litter boxes, and they are very expensive there. I went out later to Walmart to get the rest of the supplies.

She has settled in like she owns the place! When she wants attention, she jumps up onto the chair and gets on my chest and in my face. She has already jumped onto Bud’s computer desk and he gave her a good rubdown. They are bonding. πŸ™‚ She has very good ears, and has to check out every sound she hears. That will be good for keeping the mice in the house at bay. She’s loveable and playful and she’s a very sweet girl. I’m looking forward to getting to know her better and having her as part of our family.

Grace 030

10 thoughts on “We Have a New Addition to Our Family

  1. Well, loving cats sure seems to run in the family. I think that your dad has one, a kitten, that just showed up at their place. It had become his cat the last I heard. We just got a cat, one inherited from a dear friend who passed away. Lisa has two-three, actually, but Mark is taking the latest one when he moves out. So what does that tell me? We all love cats. Gracie is really a sweet and contented looking cat–very pretty, too. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.
    Love you and look forward to more pictures and stories about her plus the hens. Wonder what it will be like in your car traveling with all of them??? Keep in touch.


    1. I think you are right about cat lovin’ running in the family. Another one to the family list is my younger sister has always loved cats and has one, too! I’m not surprised that Dad took in a cat. He has done it before, and they can’t resist that crooning thing he does. How can one not love a cat?

      I’ll let you know how Miss Grace does on trip up there with the chickens. She has seen them through the windows, and seemed VERY interested in them. I’ll keep you posted. Love you, too!


  2. Congrats! The only thing better than one new cat would be two~ adopted at the same time!
    I think it’s wonderful you adopted from a shelter with them brimming over with felines (especially kittens!) at this time of year!
    Congrats to Ms. Grace on finding a wonderful new home with you & Bud!!!

    Much love,


    1. Thanks, Jeannie. They told us that she had been previously adopted and then returned because she didn’t do well with the other pets. I’m not sure if Bud could handle two, anyway, but I would love for Grace to have a friend. πŸ™‚ If the right opportunity presents itself, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying to add one. She might need a friend. As for Miss Grace, we love her already.


    1. Thank you, Shanda. Both of the Graces are sweethearts in my opinion. I would be honored if Grace wanted to virtually adopt Grace. πŸ™‚


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