My Third “Last Post”

Graduation 006

In the tradition of my Mother, (who did the same thing on the last day of the school year when we walked in the house at the end of that day), and now, in my own tradition at the end of the school year since Bud has been teaching–when Bud walked in the door on Thursday after school, I greeted Bud at the door on his final last day, and for the last time, I raised my hands and yelled, “Yipeeeeeee! Schools OUT!” My mother was always so glad to have us home for the summer, and contrary to what I hear from most wives of school teachers, I have always looked forward to having Bud home for the Summer.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for Bud and he is absolutely exhausted. He had a retirement reception at school this week. They served a catered Barbeque meal, and then had someone from each department get up and made a presentation about the person retiring. It was very moving. The school gave Bud a $100 Home Depot Gift Card, the book above and a cake. The inside of the book was full of well wishes from anyone who wanted to sign it.

Graduation 008

Bud and I have been very moved by all of the sweet sentiments in the form of cards and letters, gift cards, and gifts that people have given Bud. The Booster club gave him a $500 gift certificate to Home Depot. Many students gave him homeade gifts of food, homemade chai tea mix, plants, tamales, enchiladas, cookies, numerous gift cards to restaurants, and even one gift card to a gas station, which I thought was extremely thoughtful.

The Assistant Orchestra Director had the students write goodbye letters to Bud and put them in a rustic looking case and presented it to him at the Orchestra Banquet. Bud let me read some of the sentiments left on Facebook, too. We have both been so touched and moved by all of the heartfelt goodbyes.

Graduation 003

I’m so proud of of you, Honey. Thank you for being the man of character that you are, and being Father, Counselor, Teacher, Mentor, and Cheerleader for those kids. You have made a difference. I can’t wait to see the things God has in store for you as you begin the next chapter in your life, and will be grateful to be by your side.


10371947_667885293302040_1851849704036910144_n(Photo courtesy of Bud’s Sister, Lockie.)

Bud came home from graduation at around 9:30 last night. His original plan had been to leave in the wee hours of this morning, but conflicts arose and there was no time yesterday to tie up loose ends (chiefest among them loading the flatbed and finishing packing.) I had to go to the Real Estate office twice to return amendments to the contract and other papers. I had to go to the school twice to get Bud’s signature on them. I also had to go to Walmart to get more boxes and trash bags. When Bud came in last night looking exhausted and bedraggled, I suggested that we leave on Saturday Morning. I think it was a wise decision. Today will be spent tying up those loose ends so we can get to bed early and leave early tomorrow.

The main reason for this third last post is that I wanted to share a bit of good news. The appraisal is in, and the Lender for the Buyer is not going to require any repairs, Praise God! We had been worried that they would require the roof to be replaced. That would have meant that the contract would have to be renegotiated. This latest news means that things can move forward without any foreseen obstacles. We will sign the papers there in Arkansas in the presence of a Notary and the FedEx them back in.


In other news, Grace is settling right in. She is a very sweet kitty, and it already seems like she has been here forever. She loves to be in the middle of whatever we are doing and is very curious. She loves watching the chickens out of the back window. This morning I saw her sneak up on Gertie (who was standing by the sliding glass door) and then lunge at the door. It gave Gertie quite a scare, and she ran off cackling. For the most part, the chickens and Grace just watch each other through the window. I think both parties are very curious.

Grace loves to climb things and has found herself on our built in book cases, counter tops, etc. Whenever one of us comes home, she whips through the house, trilling her meow and greets us at the door. She is a sweetheart, and I’m so grateful for her.

Grace 001

This will truly be my last update…for real. I’ll see you all on the other side!

4 thoughts on “My Third “Last Post”

  1. I was just getting online to offer my congratulations to Bud on his retirement and saw your post about it. I’m so glad he was honored by all for his accomplishments and am sure he was very deserving of it. Tell him we are proud of him and so happy he is finished with work forever! He ran that race well and now he can enjoy life without a 9 to 5 job taking all his time. We are so rejoicing in this great news about the house too! Sounds like God is working everything out wonderfully! And you are off to your new life! Love to you both.


    1. Thank you, Grannie, for all your many prayers. I do believe that it was God who worked it out. Thanks, also, for your sweet sentiments for Bud. I’m very proud of him, too, and so happy he’ll be able to relax a little bit (though he’ll beg to differ, with all of the work on the house ahead of us.) I intend to make sure he takes his time and gets plenty of rest. We’ve got a toilet and shower, our pets and each other. What more do we need? Just the lifting of all of the mental and emotional stressors, which come naturally with each day of school, will be a big thing off his shoulders, as well as being able to sleep in if he needs it. Also, to have free weekends and evenings. Being a teacher is like being on stage all day long (and sometimes after hours and weekends.) You can never let your guard down or relax during the day when you are a teacher. You always have to be ‘on’. It’s very stressful. He almost never lost his smile though it all, either. I thank the Lord for that.

      I’ll make sure he sees your comment! It will mean a lot to him. I Love you, sweet Grannie!


  2. Almost brings me to tears thinking that you are finally moving away from here. And mentioning something your mom did was nice to read. I can’t tell you how often I think of her and miss her. I can almost see her smiling face when she would be thinking of you and Bud and your plans.

    The retirement party sounds so nice and Bud deserved all the accolades and gifts he got. Good teachers never go out of style and it is great to be so well thought of. What a wonderful idea of the kids writing notes to him. Something he can enjoy for a long time.

    Hope you are rested up by the time you leave in the wee hours of the morning. Enjoy a peaceful, non hurried drive. Stop often and have some of that good McDonalds coffee. I stop and get a cup 3 or 4 mornings a week. One place sells a senior coffee for 27 cents. I try to make it by there if I have time. The other McDonalds are 67 cents. It is their small coffee, but all that I can drink while it is hot. Hard to beat the 27 cent cup. I always pray for them as I am driving away that YHVH prospers that one for being such a blessing. When I thank the little gal with a blessing, she always laughs. Laughing is so good for the soul.

    You probably will not read this before you leave and that’s OK.

    Love and prayers to you both starting your new adventure.


    1. I just found this comment! I like McDonald’s coffee, and I’m a coffee snob. It’s one of the best fast food coffees around, IMHO.

      I think Mama would be happy for us, too. I often think about her and what her reaction would be to some of the things that have happened in our lives. I miss her, too.

      They really were very good to Bud and he has many momentos to remember them by.


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