On a day such as this…

Countryside(The view we see when we travel the gravel road toward town.)

So much has happened here each day, that I have had a hard time deciding whether to jump in on blogging with ‘today,’ or start with all of the days I have not blogged about. During the interim where we had no internet, I had been emailing everyone about what had been going on here from my phone. Some people have heard things, others have not. I’m thinking I might do a flashback and revisit some of those things later.

My original intention with my blog was to keep friends and family abreast of what was going on with us. It’s also cathartic, in a way, for me to mentally process what has been going on through writing. It helps me sort things out as I write. It’s also a journal, of sorts, to have ‘for the record.’ I understand it will be too wordy, and maybe uninteresting to some people, and that’s okay. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. It’s my blog and I can be wordy if I want to…so the song says…right?

In spite of being ‘retired,’ we are still getting up early. We are falling into a farmer’s pattern of going to bed when the sun goes down and getting up when the sun rises. The few times we’ve ‘slept in,’ we were awakened by Henrietta wanting to be let out of the hen house…NOW! It’s not as critical to let them out here, since they have more space in their hen house. They can move about without feeling the need to kill each other for invading their personal space, while waiting for us to let them out. They’ll just scream and holler until we DO. This morning, it was my bladder screaming that woke me up, but I heard Mabel screaming shortly thereafter.

June 18 2014 050

We don’t have air conditioning here. We’ve had the windows open 24/7. The first week we were here, it was so cool that it was uncomfortable to sit outside on the porch. I was wearing a jacket most of the day. I had high hopes that it would remain that cool, but reality has set in. On a positive note, though it has been warm and muggy at times here, it is nowhere near the sauna we had in Houston, and it always cools down at night.

I have loved hearing all of the night sounds through the open window at night. The owls, the crickets and the frogs have serenaded us to sleep each night. I almost always awaken before the sun comes up. Even when it is still dark, there is a point at which one bird will start singing, giving the rest of nature permission to wake up. Soon, the whole outdoors is filled with the sounds of morning.

Each time we have come here after having been gone, we’ve found little piles of very fine material on the wood floor that look like dirt. We have feared that the termites had come back. The house was treated for termites about a year ago, so we called the company that put in the vents in the foundation and treated the house for termites.


I had taken pictures of the piles, and I sent it to the termite guy. He said we have a classic case of ‘Powder Post Beetles.’ These beetles have several stages. The adults lay their eggs in cracks or crevices in the wood. When the eggs hatch, the larvae bore into the wood where they grow, eating the wood for food until maturity. When they mature into adulthood (which can take up to 5 years!) they eat their way out of the wood. They only live long enough to mate and lay eggs once they reach maturity. I’m sure you’ve all seen wood that is pocked with tiny holes in it. That would be damage done by the Powder Post Beetle.

I told you all that to tell you this: The Termite guy is coming today to talk to us about a ‘treatment plan.’

PandAPlace(Top of the hill where we had to go to call out on the cell phone.)

I found out that we do, indeed, have trash pickup of sorts. The ‘Recycling Center’ will give you clear plastic bags for free for plastic, cans, glass, foil, etc., which can be recycled. They will pick that up for free. We can buy bags for ‘household trash’ (things that won’t burn and aren’t recycleable) for $3.50 each. They come on Fridays. Bud hailed Roger down this morning, got us a roll of clear plastic bags, and now we are in business.

Something had been prompting me to give the Soap Lady some coffee beans. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. She loves our coffee. I have given her some before. I called her and asked if I could come visit her to bring a gift. I wanted to take it by early, in case she wanted to make a pot. I went by and took her a mason jar full of coffee beans. You can’t seem to out-give people out here. She gave me a head of lettuce that she had grown in her garden. She also offered AGAIN (insisted, even) that we come there to her place to do our laundry. I just can’t help but feel that I’m imposing upon her, and told her so. She said she has trouble accepting help from people….a hang on from having only to depend on herself in younger years. She said she would help me with my problem of feeling like I was imposing on people, if I would help her in accepting help from others. It sounded like a fair trade to me.

June192014 040

I love this dear woman as if I have known her all my life. She is probably about the age my Mom would be if she was still alive, but I don’t even think about that. I’ve never paid attention to age, nor do I really pay that much attention to what people look like. It’s the person inside that I care about. She apologized for her house. I told her I didn’t even notice. I reminded her of what my house currently looks like! Told her I was glad to be living in a place where I wasn’t going to be judged for what my house looks like, and I didn’t intend to judge others’ houses, either. It’s one reason I want a rustic looking house! I want it to be comfortable. If it has ‘intended flaws,’ then the real flaws don’t stick out like a sore thumb. That’s one of the perks of not being perfect.

We are closing on our house today, if the paperwork gets there. We are closing early, in fact. The original close date was for June 30. We will close at a title company in Jasper…the same title company where we signed the papers for our current house here in the Ozarks. Thank you to all of you who have so faithfully prayed for us and the closing on our house! We are eager to close that chapter of our life and begin this one. Thank you, Jesus, that the house is almost sold!

As I sit here writing my blog, the mugginess is encroaching. It’s about 11:00 a.m. Bud is changing some burned out lights in our cars. Grace is sleeping in the window beside me. I just finished a cup of coffee from a late pot I made. It smelled so good when I was pouring the beans in the mason jar to give to the Soap Lady, that I could resist making a pot. We are waiting for the termite guy. People don’t give exact times around here, they give us ‘time frames.’ We are hoping he comes before we have to leave to close on the house! Otherwise, now that we are retired, we have all the time in the world…or so they say. πŸ™‚June192014 041




6 thoughts on “On a day such as this…

  1. Your pictures of the views look like a little piece of Heaven. To get to see such beauty would absolutely make my day.
    The hens seem to be thriving in their new home. I guess Eula got over her touch of “whatever ” she had. And Grace has probably never had it so good. That is contentment I think I see in her face, (which, by the way, I can barely see). She is a cutie and looks pretty small.
    Thanks for letting us in on the happenings going on in your world. Keep those blogs coming.
    Love you


    1. I’m so grateful for this beautiful place we found. Eula is still not 100 percent, but is much better. Thank you for asking about her. It’s pouring rain outside right now, and even though they have cover, they prefer to be out in the rain. I’d prefer they didn’t. 😦 I’m hoping to post some new photos of Grace, soon. We have let her have supervised visits outside and she loved it out there. She’s not afraid of the chickens, either. She is a funny cat, and very affectionate. I’m so glad we have her. Thank you for your comment. πŸ™‚ I appreciate that you enjoy reading my blog.


  2. Loved hearing all about what’s going on in your daily life. Thanking God for your good neighbors who are pouring into your life.


    1. Thank you, G. πŸ™‚ I have been amazed at all of the nice neighbors we have! We lived in our other neighborhood for about 7 years, nobody really speaking much to each other except to say, ‘hello’ once in a while. Sometimes, there would be a good conversation. I think people are different out here. They stay at home more, go into town less, and are less busy with things outside of their ‘hood’. My Amish neighbor told me one time that, ‘people in these hills need to stick together.’ I do think, though, that is the Lord who has put us here and that nothing is an accident…that it’s all his doing, as you say.


    1. Thank you for asking! In my dealings with chickens (and a little help on the Internet), I’m 99.999999999999 % sure it is tapeworm. I didn’t want to subject her to another anal probing like the one she had at the last vet, so I bought some ‘tapeworm tabs’ at the feed store. I got it down her with no problem. I am keeping watch, and so far, no signs of any more. I’ll eventually search for another vet, but for now, I just couldn’t stand for her to go through another traumatic and painful episode like the one before. Based on how she was behaving at the vet, she’s obviously had some kind of trauma in her past. I’ll take her to another soon…just wanted to give her a break if I could.


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