Weather and Things

June122014 041

The weather is a hot topic of conversation around these parts. So much around here is dependent upon the sun, rain and temperature. The weather affects travel, gardens, animals, and property much more than with city-living. It seems that it’s odd NOT to have chickens around here, and many people have much more than just chickens. Everything revolves around taking care of the animals, whether it’s getting home in time to feed, water or lock them up for the night, or just making sure they are secure from a storm, snow or predators.

It rained for quite a few of the first days we were here, and there was evidence that it had been raining prior to our arrival. All of the locals have been talking about how unusual the weather patterns have been this year. It wasn’t one of the flooding rainfalls like the one we had over Spring Break, but one of those long, steady, drenching rainfalls that saturates the ground really well.

June122014 039

June122014 023

June122014 017

The rain brought some cool weather with it! For the first week or so that we were here, it was too uncomfortable to sit out on the porch much. I wore a jacket much of the time. Bud’s students had bought him some beautiful rockers and a matching table for our porch as a retirement gift. They couldn’t have picked a nicer or more perfect gift! Someone stained them and one of the student’s uncles burned a ‘W’ (for our last name) into the back of the chair. We were itching to spend some time out on the porch in them.

June122014 010

We’ve had a period of about a week since then that has been absolutely gorgeous and sunny. It has gotten really warm, at times. Sometimes, it has been so warm that we have eaten supper out on the front porch where it is at least 10 degrees cooler. At times, we’ve had an oscillating fan on us at night. Thankfully, it always cools down at night here, and has not yet been so uncomfortable that we could not sleep.

With all of the rain, it looked like a jungle around the house and we were worried about snakes that might be hiding in the grass.

June 18 2014 004

June 18 2014 009

We hired someone to mow/brush-hog the our 2-3 acre pasture through another person. Through a miscommunication, the cost turned out to be over double what we were expecting to pay, and they did not mow around the house. Bud has been itching to get a tractor. We really need one around here. We went to look at them one day last week to price them. We came back with a push lawn mower and a shovel instead. 😉 Our old mower broke down about 6 months before we moved here. I never use to mow at the old place because I always seemed to shave the edges and it looked ugly. It doesn’t matter out here, so I got to mow. Our new mower is awesome! I had to really watch for rocks and old logs, but it was gratifying to see the place slowly start to look neat and polished as the weeds were mown down.

June122014 016

We had two neighbors give us tomato plants. Both had more than they could use, so they passed them on to us. Bud used our new shovel to start breaking ground. It was hard work! The chickens tried to help but got distracted by all of the worms.

June 18 2014 017

June 18 2014 016

We have been working hard most of the day, but we have still found time to spend on the porch listening to the birds, and imbibing nature at the height of it’s glory. Sometimes, (as one of our neighbors says) we just watch ‘Chicken T.V.’

June192014 034

They are always doing something funny or interesting. We also have Grace out there with us much of the time to keep us company, too.

June192014 030

At the very least, we’ve been breaking in those rocking chairs!



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    1. Thank you, Lockie! 🙂 I have taken the mind set that I’m going to keep writing even if no one is reading it, but it’s so much more fun to write if people are reading and enjoying it. Thanks for letting me know, and thank you for reading. I’m so glad you enjoy it.


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