If you are an Introvert, if you know one or love one….


Introversion is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because…well…I AM one.

The tendency for most people is to think that if people are not like you, they don’t do what you would do or they act or react in a way that is not acceptable for YOU, then there MUST be something wrong with them. We all view people, places and things in this world through our own ‘self-colored’ glasses. The bottom line is that we should all be loving others as Jesus would. That means loving them just as they are, and appreciating who God made them to be.

I’m not saying that Introverts are a ‘special class’ of people who deserve special treatment. They are just often misunderstood. I’ve gone most of my life thinking that there was something wrong with me because I am ‘quiet,’ I need time away from people sometimes, I don’t do well with phone conversations and avoid them like the plague, and I often get overwhelmed and become quiet when I am with groups of people.

Though I still have to work at coming to terms with it at times, it was really a turning point in my life when I realized that there are other Introverts out there who are just like me and that it’s ‘okay’ to be ME.  I’m not inherently damaged, evil or ‘wrong.’ I’m just an Introvert. It’s the way I’m wired. It’s the way God made me.

That doesn’t mean that Introverts can’t have ‘Extroverted Moments’…it’s just not their nature, and it’s stressful to force themselves to be so. They often need the time and the will to psych themselves up for these moments and they need plenty of downtime afterwards to recuperate.

My friend Lee Ann posted a link to the following article, and if you are an Introvert, you know an Introvert or love one, this is a very important read. Here is the link:

>>Seven Ways You Can Love an Introvert<<


Thank you, Holly Gerth, for the blog post, and thank you Lee Ann for sharing the link!

If any of you are interested in the ‘rest of the Mennonite, Marauder and Monsoon story’…I’m working on the exciting conclusion, and will hopefully post it in a day or two.

‘Hope you all are having a wonderful and restful weekend!

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