What’s in a Name?

October 11 2014 061

“That which we call a rose

by any other name would smell as sweet…”

~William Shakespeare

Meet Rudy Valentino, our new Rooster. We had been tossing around the idea of getting a rooster for a while. Although I am ashamed to admit it, Grace (the cat) is a chicken chaser.

June192014 011

July 2, 2014 035

I don’t think she really means to do them any harm. Their jerky movements and jiggly jives just really trigger her instincts to stalk and pounce. They run away and she always stops…never continues to run after them. Harmless as it might seem, it has spooked the chickens and we suspect that this is part of the reason we are now only getting one egg a day. Granted, they’ve gone through molts and some of the gals are ‘no spring chickens,’ but even the younger hens are not laying.

Grace is an outside cat by day. You might ask, “Why don’t you just leave her inside all the time?” I’ll tell you why…because letting her burn off some energy during the day means we don’t have a trilling meow right in our face wake us up out of a dead sleep at 2:00 a.m. It means that she’s too doggone tired to tear across our air mattress in the middle of the night, jerking us awake and wondering what that terrifying rumbling was. It means that we don’t get pounced on and attacked just because we flip flop from one side to the other during sleep.

Aug 14, 2014 021

So…we finally took the plunge and decided to get a rooster. Roosters protect and look after the flock. One of neighbors told us that he has had roosters die trying to protect the hens, and that the roosters will not go in the hen house at night until all of the gals are inside.

October 11 2014 111

My dear friend Jeanie suggested I name my rooster ‘Valentine’ in honor of her last name…to spread the love around. I pondered this for quite a while. I liked the idea very much…but I was afraid my Roo might feel emasculated being called ‘Valentine,’ not to mention losing face with the girls. Then I thought, “How about ‘Valentino’? That’s a nice, masculine, virile name.” When we picked up the rooster, however, I looked at him and all I could see in his face was Rudy. More specifically, ‘Rudy Toot Toot.’

You have to understand that I rarely call my animals by their given name. Poor Simba transitioned to Timbale Bodine. My hens, well….

Eula-Eula Belle

Helen-Helen Bellin’

Betty – Betty Lou Who

Lucille- Lucy Lou

Gerty – Hurdy Gertie or Gertie Gert

Henrietta – Henri or Rietta

Beatrice – Bea Bea or Baby Bea

Mabel – Able Mable

So….technically, our rooster is Rudy Valentino. My nickname for him is ‘Rudy Toot Toot.’ In actuality, that name might be more damaging to his psyche than ‘Valentine,’ however, ‘Rudy’ just feels right. I’m sure that ‘Valentino’ will morph into something, too. Maybe I’ll just alternate between those two names.

October 11 2014 060

We kept him quarantined for several days (long story for another time, but strongly advised when you add a chicken to your flock.) During that time, he watched everything. The ladies saw him and were vaguely curious, but not particularly impressed. He found his crow while in quarantine, too. We brought him in at night in the cage and he was crowing in our living room the next morning at 5:30 a.m….not a crack of dawn in sight, either. It was pitch black outside. This was much more disturbing in the dead of sleep than anything the cat could have thought up. Needless to say, that quickly shot down everything I thought I knew about roosters.

When we finally let Rudy out, he checked out everything else before checking out the ladies. Then, they finally met. He quickly went into his ‘moves’ to impress the ladies. They were not impressed. I have to say that I don’t blame them one bit! His moves have all the charm of Curly from, ‘The Three Stooges.”

October 11 2014 128

When he starts his mating dance, he jumps on one leg, making that leg stiff. It’s kind of jerky, and startling, to tell you the truth! He flares one wing toward the ground, leans to one side and sort of hops once on the stiff leg until he loses his balance. Then he sort of circles the hen of his affection, making quick lunges with his shoulder in her direction. Bud and I can’t help but laugh, it’s so comical. One time Rudy even chest-bumped one of them. They, for the most part, just looked at him.

October 11 2014 114

Rietta was hopelessly throwing herself at him, all the while nervously whining, which she does when she is terrified (which is most of the time.) She even went up to him once and put her backside facing right at him, whining nervously, the hussy. I was embarrassed for her.Β  Rudy didn’t take the bait…wasn’t even remotely interested, in fact, he chased her away at one point. Spurned! This poor chick already suffers from major rejection. Though I wouldn’t tell Henri this, she has a face that only a mother could love. That makes her all the more endearing to me, though.

June 23 2014 017

Rudy should have taken his chance, because all of the ladies deserted him at one point. He was so dejected that he took to the hill behind us into the woods and disappeared. Bud went up the hill looking for him. While Bud was gone, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, looked up and saw Rudy standing stoically up on the cliff looking down on his new domain. I went up and shooed him back down the hill to be with the girls.

The girls seemed strangely drawn to him, but refused his advances. He did get lucky with Mabel (the fertile hen that is laying all of the eggs these days), but I’m not entirely sure it was consensual. Rudy also has major eyes for the two Buff Orpington ladies (his breed), but so far, they are not giving in to his leadership, authority…or his amorous ‘Curly-esque’ moves.

October 11 2014 130

At the end of the day, dutifully, Rudy patrolled outside until all of the ladies had gone inside the hen house.Β  Bud and I were delighted to find out that the rumors we’d heard are true! The hens normally bicker and fight at night on the roost, vying for their favorite spot. At dusk that night, as Rudy was patrolling the outside of the hen house waiting for the last hen to go inside, there was not a peep from the ladies, as they waited for their man to come inside.

15 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. No words could possibly describe Rudy’s ‘dance’. If you think these vivid descriptions are comical, you would die laughing at the sight!


    1. Unfortunately, I think his alarm clock is stuck on ‘5:30 a.m.’. πŸ™‚ I heard him crowing out in the hen house this morning. It’s not so bad when all of the windows are shut since it has been cool, but will be unavoidable during the spring and summer. I still think it’s cool, though. I love him, and I think he is a handsome little guy, too! πŸ˜‰


    1. Thank you, Rose. I wish you could see him, too. He is a ‘character’. One of our neighbors talks about ‘Chicken T.V.’ because they are so entertaining to watch!


  2. Yes, Mr Anonymous, I bet it is a hoot! I was laughing and I can’t even see it in person.

    You have a ‘gift’ and I’m glad I get to enjoy it, Kara!


    1. I think he forgot to sign in. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Lockie. I find great humor in my chickens. If I’m translating what I see well enough that it makes others laugh, too, then that makes me very happy. Thank you for reading so faithfully. I things are going well for you.


    1. I am beyond excited, too! I think Rudy is a great addition to my flock. πŸ™‚

      The chicks are doing great! They are starting to get little feathers on the tips of their wings. Helen takes them out each day, and they can already catch some of their own bugs, and are showing all of the little mannerisms that the ‘big guys’ do, like preening, running away when they catch a bug (so they can have the whole thing to themselves.) They are really cute and seem to be thriving. I have some pictures of them, but I think I’ll hold off on chicken posts for a few posts. They are my favorite topic, but I know my family wants to know what else is going on around here, LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess my comment didn’t come out right. I just meant that it’s my way of keeping everyone informed and with pics and things, so every once in a while, I need to talk about what is going on here (besides chickens). I love to do chicken posts, though.

      Thank you for your supportive and sweet comments, Kim. They are appreciated more than you know.


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