Portrait of a Lumberjack

Sept. 28 2014 024

I was telling someone this morning that now that Bud is retired, our hours and days are dictated by animals’ needs and work that needs to be done around the place. Quite often, we find that we don’t have a clue what day of the week it is or what time it is at any given moment. We are moving into a pattern of going to bed shortly after the sun is down, and getting up at the crack of dawn or before. No one day is any different than any of the rest. Every day can be  work day, or every day can be a weekend.

A neighbor said something about us ‘taking our time’ in getting the house finished. Though I know this neighbor meant no harm, it rankled me a little. Neither Bud, nor I have ever done any remodeling and very little repairs on any of our houses. Bud just hasn’t had the time in the past and I, well…I just don’t have a clue about most things and have MUCH doubt in my ability to ‘fix’ things. Anything I’ve tried in the past has often been a disaster. We are learning as we go. Add to that, Bud is ‘retirement age,’ and I am ‘no spring chicken’ anymore. Sometimes, if we have worked hard the day before, we need a couple of days to recuperate.

Sept. 28 2014 017

I prefaced with all of that to let you know that Bud has been worried about the cold weather coming on. We had a taste of it on our visits here over the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and YES, even Spring Break, when we had the hardest snow of all the times we visited. Lately, his priority has been fixing us up with firewood for the winter, than working on the house.

Sept. 28 2014 029

I have appreciated the care and thought that has gone into everything he does BEFORE he has started on it. After he got the dead tree cut down, he had to figure out a way to cut it into pieces without it rolling onto him. Add to that, he’s learning how to use a chainsaw. We had to take it in and get the chain sharpened. He also had to find a tool to roll the log, because you can’t cut a log all the way to the ground or it will dull your chain.

Sept. 28 2014 030

Sept. 28 2014 033

Sept. 28 2014 035

I’m very proud of how well he has worn the new hats he’s had to try on. I’m also grateful that he takes such good care of us.

Oct. 3 2014 026

I helped him load up all of the pieces of wood in the wagon and we brought them all back. Bud stacked them all up neatly. I think we are set for a while, but believe it or not, I don’t think this will last all winter. I think the neighbors think we are crazy for using the wood stove already (even though it has gotten into the low 50’s here already), but on the really cold nights, we have kept a fire because we want to gain the learning curve before the really bitter cold sets in. It has taken some practice to learn how to keep the fire going all night. Once the embers get really low, it takes a while to get it roaring again.

Oct. 3 2014 027

Oct. 3 2014 019

I’d say Bud is well on his way to honing his Lumberjack Skills. I’ll take ‘Lumberjack Skills’ any day over Nunchuck Skills.


“You know, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.”

~ Napolean Dynamite


Sept. 28 2014 025

13 thoughts on “Portrait of a Lumberjack

  1. I’m very impressed with all you two have done. I just worry about your backs! All that bending over will do you in. (Hope you don’t get rankled!) We don’t have very good backs in this family :(. Glad you are using good judgement when it comes to resting 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lockie. I hear you, and that’s good advice. Thankfully, Bud doesn’t push himself. He knows when he needs to stop.

      I hope you are having a good day! It’s much colder here today, and I heard your area just had a 20 degree temperature drop. I know it’s quite a welcome change!


      1. It’s wonderful here. They say the cooler weather may be here for good next week. We can always hope, lol. You know how it is with Houston’s weather.


        1. For your sake, I certainly hope the cool weather is there to stay! I remember all too well what Houston weather is like and I can’t say I miss it one bit! I’m enjoying having a real Fall here. 🙂


  2. Don’t let anybody’s remarks get to you. As long as Y’all are happy and content, that is all that matters. It does sound like the priorities are straight (about winter).

    It’s gotten cold here. I walked outside this morning and had to turn around and get back inside to change into a long sleeve t-shirt. LOL. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lee Ann. I try not to worry what others think, but sometimes….well…it’s hard. I think we are getting better with the wood stove. It was 42 this morning, and the house actually feels toasty. Actually, I think I should say ‘Bud’ is getting better, because he has been the one working hard to keep it burning right last night. I threw on a log this morning. We usually open the ash pan drawer to let more air flow in to catch the new longs, and I couldn’t get the drawer snapped shut, so he had to come and do it for me. 😦 Everything has a learning curve around here.

      I’m glad y’all are getting some cool weather! I heard from my sister kind of out that way and she said the day turned out beautiful, though I know the morning was chilly. I’m the kind that loves bundling up, though.


  3. Love the pictures! Your work looks like fun, but I know it’s hard work!
    I LOVE wood heat! It’s so cozy!!
    And good job for loading and helping, it’s fun to work with your sweetie!!
    I always think it’s neat too when my husband does things he’s never done before , and he makes it look easy!
    Tell Bud he makes cutting wood look easy!!!!
    After our tornado in MS we had LOTS of wood cutting to do too, so I know it’s NOT easy!!
    But it’s a good kind of hard ,it sure is, and you’ll be so Thankful when the wind is blowing later!!
    I really like the quote at the end of your post, that’s too funny!!!
    Thanks for the post I always look forward to them!


    1. Thank you for being so supportive, Kim. 🙂 I appreciate you!

      I can only imagine how much wood you had to cut after a tornado. I’ve seen what the aftermath of one looks like. 😦

      I really HAVE enjoyed working with my honey. For the most part, we work well together. I like being told what to do, and if I don’t have to be the ‘lead’ and just ‘support’, I’m fine. I sort of freak out when I have to be in charge of something and feel aimless. I also really like outside work…much more than inside work.

      If you have never seen the movie, “Napolean Dynamite,” it’s ‘good clean fun’…no bad words or mature situations, either. You have to have kind of an odd sense of humor to ‘get’ the humor in it, though. 🙂


      1. I’m like that too, I’d rather be told what to do then I know!!I’m not a go ahead planner type ,but if someone else can plan it and tell me what to do I’m right there ready to help!
        Yes the tornado was a BIG mess it took away almost every thing we had…
        We have seen Napoleon D, that’s why I cracked up when I read it, it was so funny to me and love how you used the quote!!


  4. I think you have your priorities right! You want to stay warm. We keep the thermostat at about 69 degrees during the day, and 65 at night when we go to bed and then we pile on the heavy covers!


    1. Ohhhh…that’s the BEST! I love snugglin’ under cozy covers. The wood stove is taking some getting use to. Snuggling under heavy covers is a necessity. The living room is really warm, and the heat sort of filters through the other rooms and takes the chill off. We’re still learning a system on how to best keep the fire going throughout the night, but often, it goes out while we are asleep.

      Eventually, we will hook up the gas heater in the back part of the house, I think.


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