Progress on the Building

October 28 002

The workmen showed up on Monday to work on the building. We weren’t expecting them. The way I understood it, they were starting another job that had a higher priority, and would work on ours as they had time. Apparently the other job was not ready for them to start, so we were blessed with them working on ours ahead of schedule!

I am amazed at how fast it is going up! They had the framing for the first floor well on it’s way by the end of the day Monday. By the end of Tuesday, they had the upstairs framed, the stairs built, and had started putting wood on the roof!

October 28 004

We are going to use mostly old windows in the building. We found some stashed in the old log cabin. We also took some of the inner windows from the main house. According to the old owner of our house, when his Mom was living here, there was apparently a government program for the elderly which she qualified for. They came and put up another set of windows on the outside of the old windows to insulate the house better. The old windows are AWESOME old windows, but many of them are either too high or too low. We also need more natural light in the house, so we will be putting in much larger windows. We didn’t want to just throw the old ones out, so we will clean, sand and paint them, and they will be put into our new building. I like that we have been able to reuse some of the old parts of the house and old hen house.

October 28 028

October 28 024

These guys are doing a fabulous job on this building! It is going to be nice! We feel so blessed. I told Bud this morning that in a way, I feel kind of ashamed. Ashamed…because it is such a nice building, it’s a LARGE building, and there is so much work yet to do on our house! I’m not really sure that ‘ashamed’ is the word I am searching for, though. I fear it seems pretentious, maybe? Frivolous? It’s something we really need, though we could certainly do without. I hasten to add, that the Lord blessed us with this building, in fact, He has blessed us so much all along this journey toward retirement. There have been so many surprising and unlooked for financial blessings. I’ll just put it that way and leave the details out for another time.

October 28 010

October 28 012

Each day, the leaves get a little more color, the rest fall to the ground. I’m not sure if this is a typical Fall or not. Needless to say, I’m enjoying every minute of it…the smells, the sights and the sounds. Coming from a region that really has no Fall season, I’m hooked! If we get no better than this, I’m ready to die and go to heaven. Being able to wear a jacket at night and in the morning has sold me. The beautiful color change is just icing on the cake!

I’ve noticed a very melancholy song of a bird I’ve never heard here before. I hope it stays for a while. It’s so beautiful. I tried to find it online, and it sounds very similar to a Golden Crested Sparrow, but I’ve never actually seen the bird!

October 28 008

I would swear that the chicks grow every night. I’m blown away by the changes I see from day to day. Can you see the differences from the last pictures I posted?

October 28 014

I hope you all are enjoying this very Autumn-ish Fall kind of day!


October 28 033

October 28 018

The falling leaves….

drift by my window…

the autumn leaves….

of red and gold….


I can’t leave this post! (Pun intended.)


10 thoughts on “Progress on the Building

  1. Oh, one of my favorite singers. Love to hear him. You couldn’t have sent a more appropriate piece of music to go with your article. And the new building looks wonderful! Wow, so happy that you are getting it. A wonderful blessing.

    And I can see how the chicks are growing and changing so quickly. You will have adults before long.

    Fall is a gorgeous time of year. I am wondering if the Aspens have lost their leaves in colorado by now. That was a beautiful sight when they turned yellow, then gold, and shimmered in the breeze. I kinda miss seeing that, but not at all interested in going back up there.

    Gotta go for now. Loved the post.


    1. Bud and I both love Nat King Cole. I particularly like ‘Autumn Leaves.’ It’s one of my all time favorites. I’ll bet the Aspens were beautiful when you were up in Colorado. I’d love to see them someday! Hope you are having a good week, and thanks for always reading my blog. 🙂 Love you!


    1. Yes, it does! They are ‘plain people,’ though I don’t know the exact sect. I’m calling them Mennonites, but that is not correct. I believe they are part of ‘The Bretheren Church,’ but I’m not sure, and I don’t really know the differences of them all. From talking to one of the ladies, I got the idea that their extended families have a variety of different ‘plain’ backgrounds. In this particular sect in our neighborhood, the women wear ‘plain’ dresses and wear head coverings, and the men wear regular clothes (and many have beards.) They have electricity, drive cars and have cell phones. I know they live ‘simply’ but they have very successful jobs or businesses. I also know they that are exceedingly nice and honest.

      The workmen do seem to work very well together! I’ve never watched the construction of something before, so I can’t say if it’s faster or not than regular builders, but they seem to have some sort of system where each guy works on a different part of the building. I know Bud said he read a book that talked about how Amish builders put up a barn, and he described it in a similar fashion. There is a standard way that they go up. Every one of them is built the same way with the same technique, and all the guys need are the measurements to get to work.

      This is probably more than you wanted to know, LOL! I’m kind of fascinated with the ‘plain people.’

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment!


  2. God means for you to enjoy the blessings he gives. Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the Lord makes us rich and he adds no sorrow with it “


    1. Thank you, Grannie. We are feeling very blessed. I just never want to take anything for granted or fail to appreciate it and be in awe…even for the little things. The big things seem overwhelming at times. I’m humbled by them. I never expected that we would be able to have such a great building.


  3. I know that feeling, you described it well, I positively squirmed for like a year when we built our garage years back….LOL….you, my friend, are a fall-person, and I am the same way. I love everything about it except it feels too short and the next thing to come are long months of winter (here in New England). I LOVE grannie’s comment.


    1. Thank you for understanding. I’m surprised you felt that way about your garage. Everyone needs a garage! In fact, the middle portion of our building is supposed to be carport. Grannie is a wise one, that woman.

      One thing we Fall people can count on is that there will be another one next year. 🙂 I can’t imagine your long winters up there…but you always make it look so cozy.


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