More Progress…

Oct 29, 2014 006

(Pay no attention to that middle-aged woman with the hair that looks like a gray football helmet.)


I want to write about Autumn Leaves, but I guess I’ve just about played that subject out. Don’t fret, though…because I might try to sneak in a few more posts and pictures about them, anyway. I’ll probably be posting pictures of them until the grand finale…when I rake them up and burn them! Hehe. Last year was stupendously exciting. Last year, we were not actually living here. When we arrived here, Autumn was over, and the leaves were already on the ground. THIS YEAR…well…the magnificent crescendo leading to it…the leaves all aglow, glistening in the breeze, floating slowly down from the trees…watching the leaves turn colors and then slowly collect on the ground…it’s almost more than I can stand! I have no patience. You know that already. Anyway…enough about Autumn Leaves.


I know that there is nothing quite so exciting as looking at pictures of the skeleton of a building on someone’s land (especially if you don’t know them that well) so…I’m giving you MORE. Back by popular demand…MORE pictures of the skeleton of our building.

It’s really coming along, I tell you! They won’t be back to work on it until Tuesday, so…I’M SORRY…after today, you’ll have to WAIT to see more pictures of our building. So…without further ado…I hereby proceed with what my friend Lee Ann calls a ‘picture dump,’ and I can’t think of a more appropriate term given the sit-yee-a-shun.

They cut the hole for the stairs and I was able to go up to the loft.

Oct 29, 2014 016

They framed the windows for the upstairs and put up wood and tar paper on the roof. It will have a metal roof that matches our house.

Back side of the loft:

Oct 29, 2014 014

Oct 29, 2014 015

View from the loft. Check out those Autumn Leaves.

Oct 29, 2014 009

There is actually a beautiful hill out there, which, due to my amateur photography skills, is marred by the brilliant sun.


Oct 29, 2014 017

Oct 29, 2014 012

Most of the windows will be old windows, but we purchased new, large windows for the upstairs. So there you have it!

Just for good measure…I have some pictures of progress on the chicks for Wednesday. They are growing like weeds!

Oct 29, 2014 027

Oct 29, 2014 028

Oct 29, 2014 031


Oct 29, 2014 004

‘Hope y’all are enjoying this Happy Autumn Day!



The falling leaves…

…drift by the window

The autumn leaves…

…of red and gold


13 thoughts on “More Progress…

  1. I want to live in the loft! Now will the person that comes to visit and stay up there be smelling the chickens, or will the loft be closed off from the downstairs?


    1. The chicken house will vent to the outside; however, my hen house doesn’t stink! Since the hens only spend the night in it, rather than being in it 24/7, they only poop at night, and I clean the poop up every day. The guest might hear Rudy’s cock-a-doodle-do! starting at around 5:30, though! LOL!

      FYI…I want to live in the loft, too! 🙂


  2. I remember the fall Tom and I spent in upstate New York. There were leaves in colors I had never seen before! It was breathtaking! I would pull off the road and cry over the beauty. Our years in Virginia were beautiful, too. Once you have lived where there is fall color and 4 seasons, you always want to move back. Thanks for sharing these.
    PS I was wondering about the chicken smell, also. lol


    1. I can only imagine what Virginia looks like in the Fall! I completely understand why you would want to live there. I’m hoping the colors will get more vibrant before they all fall off. Already, we have a lot of brown leaves on the ground, but there are still a lot of trees that are still turning color.

      I answered the chicken smell question above under Grannie’s comment. 🙂


  3. Well, I see progress on the building; even the little chicks are growing every day and their Mama still looks after them it seems. She has such a look of contentment. Oh that alot of human moms had that look of love and caring.

    Your building is going to be so nice. Isn’t it fun seeing something get put together like that and know you will have your hens , Bud’s workshop, and a guest room under one roof? And you get to finish it out on the inside yourselves. Will be work, but fun work.

    We don’t see much in the way of autumn leaves here. Once we get cooler weather and shorter days, they just turn brown and fall and quite a mess they do make. We rake several times during the winter and I use some in the compost pile and the rest we burn. Seems sad that they all can’t be used for something profitable, but we would have a mountain of them if we did not burn them.

    The weekend is nearly here. You and Bud have a good one and take time or a day to rest and enjoy those falling leaves. Play Nat King Cole’s song. it is beautiful.

    Love you


  4. Yes, Helen DOES still take such good care of the chicks! They still try to get under her to get warm, and she still lets them, but they are almost too big to do it!

    I think using the leaves for compost is a good idea!

    I’m very pleased with the building…couldn’t ask for more.

    I love you, too, and hope you have a great weekend!


  5. I LOVE the fun fall autumn leaf graphics that you added. You sound happy which makes your friends happy. The building is coming along so nicely…and the pictures of mama with her chickies is so dear.


    1. Thanks for noticing my Fall graphics! 🙂 I think I can safely say that I AM happy, and it’s nice to know that people can notice through my writing, so thank you for saying that.


  6. Oh it’s really big, HOW NICE!!!
    I love to see how it’s coming along! And the little peeps have feathers ! They get big so fast! The leaves are really pretty there! In Ohio they are almost done dropping now and not as pretty as a week or two ago… I love the colors!
    Thanks for the update!


    1. The chicks are growing so fast! They almost can’t fit underneath Helen anymore, but they keep trying! I’ll bet your Fall in Ohio was pretty, too. I don’t think we have reached ‘peak’ here yet. Thanks for stopping by, Kim. I hope things are going well for you!


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