Update on the Price of Band Aids in Botswana

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The day my computer died was a very bad day at Black Rock. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have trouble with moderating my computer time. Mainly, I’m a news junkie, daily surfing the alternative news sites, twitter, stock market charts…yes, even Facebook at one time, waiting for DOOM. Like a half-baked zombie on New Year’s Eve, I would stare mindlessly at the screen waiting for the proverbial ball to drop. Oh, I’ve taken the increasingly popular, self-righteous ‘computer breaks,’ only to have the demons greet me when I got back online with seven of their friends! They came back to taunt me, with vengeance, to indulge in my vice all the more. At times, I’ve even stooped to slum at ‘Daily Mail’ or other (even worse) ‘conspiracy sites.’ Yes, I am ashamed.

The day my computer died, I felt like I had been socked in the gut, and it felt like the life in me was oozing all noodley and intestine-like out of a big gaping hole in my mid section. I immediately ordered a new battery off of Amazon. (I used Bud’s computer to order it.) That didn’t work, so now, I have ordered a new power cord to see if that takes care of the problem. (Again, I am on Bud’s computer.) So now, I wait. Thankfully, I have ‘Amazon Prime’ which means free two-day shipping on certain items. So, yet again, I am waiting two days like an addict waiting for her crack.

Oh, Bud has been really great about letting me use his computer to order something on Amazon or check my email quickly, but that’s like offering me a teaspoon of coffee or something. He has been very generous and encouraged me to use it. It’s not him, it is ME. I don’t want to use his computer any more than I have to because he has lots of important things on his computer that I wouldn’t want to jeopardize by picking up a virus on some conspiracy forum. Plus, how calloused would I be to monopolize his computer with my habit?

Yet again, this deja-vu hiatus has forced me to make better use of my time. It has helped me appreciate my surroundings more, and to savor being ‘in the moment,’ and to cook, clean, etc., with more fervor. I have read more books, too…on my kindle. (I’m still putting off scraping the wallpaper on the pantry walls and ceiling so it can all be shellacked and  Bud can put the shelves up in there. Just being honest, lest you think I’m some kind of saint or something. My inability to force myself into action on this matter has caused some disturbance in the force, but I’m praying the Lord will help me get off my bonkie and get on with that task SOON. I don’t want to do it…like some people don’t want to eat liver.)

Someone once accused me of being a Luddite, and I suppose there might be a grain of truth to that. As with most things, I’m all or nothing on that topic. I sincerely do think simplicity is a very good thing, especially for me.

If the new cord doesn’t work to solve the problem when it arrives, I might just join the Mennonites down the street; however, I do know that they have cell phones, so that might be a ‘deal-breaker’ for me. More and more, though…there are days when I just want to don the plain people ‘dress’ and sensible black shoes (so I don’t have to worry about what to wear.) Sometimes I fantasize about what it might be like to just to cover my hair with a prayer kapp (so I don’t have to worry about what my hair looks like) and just go forth, serve the Lord and help people. Life sure would be a lot more simple with less worldly vices to tempt a person.

Seriously, though…if the cord doesn’t work, I might be offline for a while, only doing the most important tasks on Bud’s computer. Who knows…if I’m offline long enough, and if those demons indwelling me are not fed, they might suffocate or choke on the pea soup and decide to leave.

I’ll have to catch up reading blogs and email when I have a means to do so that won’t compromise Bud’s computer time on his own computer; however, my online friends are often in my thoughts.

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PS: I have signed up for a program wherein I get to read books for free in exchange for posting a review on my blog. They are from a Christian publisher, so some of you might be interested in them. If not, feel free to not read those ‘book review’ posts in the future. I’ll never know if you read it or not. I just wanted to warn you all what will be taking place so you won’t be taken aback by seeing a book review on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Update on the Price of Band Aids in Botswana

    1. Thank you, Kendra. 🙂 Since I am having to use Bud’s computer, I had to pick some pictures that I had already uploaded to WordPress. I chose these two because they are a couple of my favorites.


  1. I had to look up “luddite”. I think technology can be evil. In my case, it is — it drains my time and energy. It’s addictive and being an addict (to technology) is no good thing. Oh well.

    Enjoy your “forced” break. It’s not the end of the world as we know it and you’re fine (and so am I)! Hang in there.

    PS Looking forward to book reviews! I’m a book addict — another sad thing about me. Ha! 🙂


  2. It helps to know that someone else out there understands what it is like and that I’m not so very alone in this! Rather than being a Luddite, I think my problem is that I like technology too much! Rather, I hate that I love it too much and that it owns ME, rather than me owning it!


  3. You are so funny!! I was entertained by your post, so well written! I understand the struggle with technology/internet, after all I am online at this moment while my precious daughter sits next to me watching a movie! hugs!


    1. Thank you, Shanda. It’s very easy to be online and then realize you’ve spent more time than you intended. You are so incredibly busy, you deserve to sit down and chill once in awhile. I’m imagining that the next two weeks will be busy ones for you. Hope you enjoy the Christmas Break with your family. 🙂


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