Sawing Logs

May72015 079

I mentioned in a recent post about the logs that the Electric Company cut down in order to prevent them from blowing down on top of electrical lines in a storm. We are planning to use those logs for board and batten siding on our house.

Most of the work we have had to hire out has been done by neighbors or their family members who are in the business. We have been very blessed in that they have all done excellent work, and are good and trustworthy people on top of that.

It turns out that the people who built our barn/outbuilding have a portable saw mill, and we hired the man’s son to mill our logs into boards. I had never seen a portable saw mill before, so it was kind of exciting. (It doesn’t take much to entertain me out here in the sticks.)

june 15 2015 020

First, he cut the big logs into smaller, board-sized pieces with a chain saw. There is a cradle on the other side of the machine and he somehow got the log onto the cradle, and after that, all of the lifting and positioning of the log was done by the machine.

june 15 2015 021

First, he cut off the bark of the log which left the log in a square piece. All of the sawdust came pouring out and left a nice big pile of sawdust. I intend to collect all of the sawdust and use it on the poop board in the hen house to make it easier to scrape the chicken poop off in the mornings.

june 15 2015 027

june 15 2015 033

The saw mill has a computer in it, so the desired board thickness and width can be programmed in. We ended up with a nice pile of boards, but unfortunately, it will not be enough to side the whole house. It is all red oak, and we will have to buy more wood in order to have enough to completely side the house.

june 15 2015 028

Another fringe benefit is all of the bark pieces and small pieces left when the board was cut to width, that we can use for firewood, or other projects.

june 15 2015 034

Bud has found many uses for bits and pieces of wood left over from other projects. He is very resourceful that way. One such project was the little roost that he made for the chicks. The wood came from leftover pieces from the building of the barn/outbuilding/hen house/shop/carport (we still haven’t decided what to call it yet.)

May 22 2015 054

Bud also had the idea to use some of the leftover bark pieces to make rustic signs. Imagine this piece of wood with a hand painted sign that says, “Fresh Eggs for Sale” or “Bud and Kara’s Place.”

june 15 2015 066

So there you have it! Now you know what a portable saw mill looks like and how it works. This was ‘big doin’s’ here in the holler. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sawing Logs

  1. Oh the siding will be so pretty! I would love to see your signs when you make them!
    I love to see what’s going on in your ” neck of the woods” !!


    1. We hope it will be pretty…and rustic…and will match the out-building. Okay. I will take a picture when I make the signs. 🙂

      I enjoy hearing about what is going on at your place, too!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Karen. Thanks for reading! I’m always humbled that anyone would want to read about this stuff. 🙂 It was nice to see your comment. I hope things are going well for you.


    1. Usually, it seems that there is one thing that is ‘pressing’ or presents itself, or there is something that HAS to be done before we do something else. We had been waiting for a while for the guy to come with his saw mill. It just so happened that we had another guy over working on the same day inside the house repairing the rotten joists between the two parts of the house. We no longer have a gap in the floor, PTL!

      At times, the amount of work that needs to be done here is overwhelming. At times, if the decision is not made by circumstances, it really IS hard to decide what to work on next…to the point that we stagnate with the overwhelmingness of it all.


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