I have a link I wanted to share today.

May 31 2015 085

This blog post from Money Saving Mom hit a nerve with me today, and I wanted to share it. The title of the post is, “That thing others are shaming you for, do it anyway.” Here are a few quotes from the post:


“The world needs to see that just because I happen to have a large number of people reading what I write online doesn’t mean that I am all perfect and polished and put-together. The truth is: nobody has it all together and nobody just floats effortlessly through life with flawless skin, perfect smiles, and zero struggles.”


“I also don’t share this because I need your affirmation. Truthfully, I don’t. I know who I am in Christ. I know the truth that I am enough. And I really can stand confidently in that.”


“Be brave. Be YOU. The world needs your gifts, your story, and your unique perspective.”


Please read the rest of her post at the link below:


Money Saving Mom…YOU GO, GIRL!

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