Pocket Protector Eyes

May 22 2015 027

Pocket Protector Eyes

dividers-1Do you see me through
pocket protector eyes?
Coloring outside the lines
as I soar through the skies?

A laughing clown
or a  lost black sheep?
Rubble and ruins
lying in a heap?

Can you see my heart
through pocket protector eyes?
Is it only black and white
or scarlet shed-blood prize?

Do you see a lump of coal
or vine with prickly thorns?
Under pressure, pain and trial
potential facets being born?

Would that everyone could see
through the Father’s eyes of Grace
And the look of pride and joy
upon His loving face.

A child formed in the womb
planned before the earth
Every numbered hair and day
anticipated my birth.

A life of joys and sorrows
everything seen before
My failings, faults and valleys
yet He loved me all the more

Can you really see me
through pocket protector eyes?
Without the Father’s love
Is it deception’s proud surmise?

If you take a second glance
beyond the thistles and thorns
it’s possible you might discover
a jewel, hard-fought, being born.