There is a Breath of Fall in the Air…


There has been a breath of Fall in the air here. The temperatures have been crisp and cool in the mornings…mostly in the 50’s. I’ve been wearing sweatshirts in the mornings, and have even used the space heater a couple of times. Though the temps ebb and wane here, and we have gotten up into the low 80’s at times during the day, it ain’t NOTHIN’ like Houston was. I thank the Lord almost every day for cooler temperatures and seasons. We’ve had about a month of ‘good sleepin’ weather’ with the windows open. I so love sleeping with the windows open so that I can hear the owls hooting, and the crickets cricketing and the frogs burping. One night, we heard the Elk bugeling.


Bud and I like to sit on the porch in the mornings  to have coffee together and read the Bible aloud to each other, and we’ve still managed to do that, though there were a couple of mornings we’ve rushed through it because I was cold. (Lord, please forgive me). Soon, we will be sitting inside in the rocking chairs in front of  the wood stove blazing with fire; still, a very good second option and something I’m looking forward to.


DSC_0138The leaves have started to turn, and my heart is beginning to sing. Not so much, yet, that I’ve started breaking out in song with, “Autumn Leaves” 24/7, but I’m CLOSE! I do so love the Fall…the colors, the scents, the temperatures, the invigoration of it all.


Bud has been working on cutting a dead tree in anticipation of needing fuel for the wood stove this winter. I always worry about him when he does it. We always pray for protection around here, and Bud is very careful with the chainsaw and cutting down trees. He thinks a lot about it and anticipates all the options for things that could go wrong before he decides how to cut it to make it fall where he wants it to.

The one he has been working on has fallen across the dry stream bed, so it has been a challenge to cut it up safely.  It’s a pretty deep ravine in back where the tree is. There was one last, large chunk of it that he was hoping to get out of the dry stream bed in anticipation of some rain we were supposed to get. He asked a neighbor to borrow a ‘come-along’ to pull it out and up onto the bank. The neighbor refused to let Bud borrow it. He insisted that he was going to come down with his tractor to pull it out. He not only pulled the big log out, but hauled it and the pieces already cut down to where Bud splits the wood. It saved so much time and effort it would have taken to haul the pieces back in the wagon. I usually help with that part, so I know how heavy they are and how tiring it is.


Then, the neighbor helped move some gravel onto a bridge that Bud built over our spring stream in front of our outbuilding. He wouldn’t accept any money. I made some homemade ice cream for Bud and our friend out of the raw milk we’ve been buying. They ate it out on the porch after the work was done and shot the breeze, talking about ‘guy things’.


We have such good neighbors. We’ve been so blessed. The Soap Lady called me the other day and asked if she could bring me some of the surplus from her garden. Oh my goodness! She brought sweet potatoes, two kinds of peppers, okra and garlic.




She took her lunch hour to come bring it to us…said she needed the time away. I made a pot of coffee and we sat on the porch and caught up on the news. I have been drinking my coffee black (another story for another time) and I splurged with some sugar and heavy whipping cream. Ahhhh…good times. My favorite thing! Sitting on the porch, drinking coffee with good company.

The other day, the Homesteader’s Wife just stopped by and brought two cantaloupe from her garden to share with us! Oh, they smelled so good. I was standing 2-3 feet away from her and I could smell them. She told me they had been cutting them into bite-sized chunks and freezing them, and eating them that way. We ended up just eating them fresh, but I have frozen grapes before for a nice cool treat during the summer, and I can imagine that cantaloupe would be just as good eaten frozen like that.

I’m back on the wagon with the diet that works best for me…mostly ‘Paleo’. (Maybe I’ll do another post with before and after photos if I get brave. Scary! …and embarrassing.) It’s amazing that I ever get off the diet since I feel so much better on it. It just sort of creeps on me slowly, without my realizing how bad I feel and how far I’ve gotten off the diet. There is nothing like a photo of myself, in all my glory, to give me a wake-up call. Ugh. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but my clothes are baggy now. It’s really not the weight though…it’s how much better I feel that motivates me. I also think my walking has helped me feel a lot better!

Anyway…I cooked the Okra a different way, and I thought it came out really well! It was very flavorful. Bud said it was only 1/3 slimy, and I think he is right. Still, it wasn’t bad! Not like crunching down on good ol’ grain covered okra fried in bacon grease, but still…not bad. For seasonings, I used salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder to taste. Here is a link to the recipe if you are interested:

>>>Jessi’s Oven Roasted Okra<<<

I mentioned in the comments of my last post that I had not felt like myself for a long time, and thanked those who had been praying for me. I’ve felt so much different the past several days. It feels so nice to be motivated or want to see people again. Thank you, and please don’t stop praying for me. I covet your prayers, and I believe prayer is so important.

I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of Fall and having a great weekend!


(Sunset from the top of the hill up the road.)

12 thoughts on “There is a Breath of Fall in the Air…

  1. I so love your pictures! Fall is my most favorite time of the year! Nice and cool! Your cabin is so pretty and the barn is the icing on the cake ! Good neighbors are good to find, how happy it makes one feel! Thanks for sharing, enjoyed your update! Kim


  2. Very nice pictures and so glad you are doing better. Our trees are turning here too. Our highs are mid to high 60’s during the day and getting to about 45 at night. They don’t sell or grow okra up here, but the only way I ever liked it when in the south was fried. I love sleeping with the window open too and we get that privilege all summer long. We didn’t use the air conditioner once. That’s how nice it is. Enduring the winters are worth living here for our beautiful summers.


    1. I would love the cool temps up there, but I don’t think Bud could do it. He still talks about the time he was snow-blowing up there and came inside to find he had ‘snot-cycles’ growing from his nose.

      I never saw okra for sale where we lived in Texas, either, but I’ve seen it for sale in some of the smaller stores here. I know for sure that one of the locally owned stores buys some of it’s produce from local growers to sell there when it’s in season. Fried is my preferred way to have it, too, but I was surprised at how tasty it was oven-roasted.


  3. Kara, this post is cozy and homey. Just want to tell you that I believe God forgives you with a smile and lots of love when you have to rush through your Bible reading. LOL
    I’ll pray for your Bud and you pray for my teen boys driving around. Okay?


    1. Thank you for your prayers, Shanda, and yes, I will pray for your boys. I often pray for you and your family, believe it or not. For some reason, you and your family have just touched my heart through your blog.

      (I also feel much better now about rushing through the bible reading, so thank you for that encouragement.) 🙂


  4. Hi Kara,

    Thanks for writing about Fall in the Ozarks. Your pictures are beautiful. Congratulations on your Paleo efforts. I need to do that. I have spent 2 weeks visiting my daughter, Holly, in Portland, OR. Similar temps and evidences of Fall. May God continue to pour out His blessings on you both. Karen Beer


    1. Thank you, Karen. I’m so glad you got to visit your daughter. I’ve always thought I’d like to visit Oregon, and what a wonderful time for you to be able to go up there. I love Fall. 🙂 I pray you are blessed, too, Karen, and hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


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