A Trip to the Glory Hole


Bud surprised me yesterday morning by suggesting an impromptu trip to ‘The Glory Hole.’ It’s a place here in Newton County that we had seen pictures of, and had wanted to see at some point. We’ve been talking about seeing it for a while, so it was a nice surprise when Bud suggested it.

Basically, it’s a big hole in a rock overhang, and during wet weather, a creek flows into the hole, and creates a waterfall underneath it, which flows on downstream.

It was a beautiful day yesterday; warmer than many we’ve had. The drive to get there was beautiful! The leaves are really starting to turn in places, and the country side was ablaze. I don’t think we are even near ‘peak season’ yet.


We had trouble finding the place. We drove quite a ways past it, and then double backed and went down another road, and then back the way we came from. I saw some cars parked along an easement on the road, and said to Bud, “I wonder what those cars are parked there for out in the middle of nowhe…..OH, HEY! There it is! I see a sign that says ‘The Glory Hole.’ ”

No wonder we had trouble finding it! This was the only sign, and it was it was sort of set into the trees at the head of the trail off the road.


The trail was about a mile in length to get there to see the ‘The Glory Hole’. It was a nice trail, but I noticed it was going steadily downhill, and I wondered how bad it would be to get back. Bud has some knee problems, and I worried about him. I let him set the pace and I mostly followed behind him. I took a Day Pack with some bottled water, but our bladders were so full, that we decided to stay thirsty and dehydrated until we could get back on the road.



There was another sign, just in case we might get confused at the fork in the trail. This is the way we do it here in Arkansas. šŸ™‚


Finally, the terrain started to change, with big boulders strewn haphazardly along the way. We saw some people down below us, and I said, “HEY!” They were relieved, because they were hiking along the dry stream bed, and hadn’t found the real trail back. Because we were on it, they were able to see where the real trail was. We talked for a bit, and I told them that I was glad they made the mistake, because that way, we would not have to make it…AND WE ALMOST DID ON THE WAY BACK. It was an easy mistake to make.


We finally saw some guys in their 20’s just hanging out. Turns out they were watching a black snake crawl along the rocks. But then…as Bud was shooting the breeze with them…I saw it. THE HOLE, IN ALL IT’S GLORY! Glorious, it was…except that it was dry. Everything was DRY! We’ve been in somewhat of a drought the past few months. I think the Glory Hole and it’s stream are mostly a wet weather phenomenon. It was still fun, and spectacular, though.


We asked the guys how to get down to the bottom and they pointed the way. It was kind of treacherous down there.



…but totally worth it. I stayed way behind because I wanted to get a picture of Bud under The Glory Hole to get a picture of the magnitude of the specter.


Then, I decided to join him, and on the way there, I slipped and my knee came down on a rock. It hurt very badly. I just stayed there on my hands and knees for a few minutes hoping the pain would go away. My first thought was for my good DSLR camera. I had not put the lens cap back on it, and I was afraid I had come down on the lens. Bud kept telling me he was more concerned for ME. My second thought was that I had ruined my hiking career and would not be able to do my upcoming Thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. I was soon able to get up, and though painful, I could walk. It still hurts, but it’s not as stiff as it was yesterday.

I went up and took a picture looking up into the hole.




DSC_0243I gloried in the hole, (which was glorious)…and then I carefully made my way back, avoiding anymore falls or slips, and took some pictures of the bottom of the gorge, or canyon or whatever you want to call it.


DSC_0250(Yes, I still have more weight to lose, but you should have seen me before. Be thankful that I’m even posting pictures of myself.)

There were some huge boulders down there, but you can’t really take in the magnitude of it unless you have something by it for comparison.



Thankfully, the trip back up to the trail head was not as hard as I was anticipating and we made it back safely. I saw an interesting caterpillar on the way back. I have no idea what kind it is.



After staring at not-too-subliminal messages during the entire hike, I was pretty hungry, and Bud was, too. Since it took us so long to find the place, we were well past lunchtime and very close to supper. Bud suggested that we stop on the way home at our favorite local place to eat: The Ozark Cafe, and we did.

I got a Chopped Steak with onions and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and carrots, plus salad bar and a roll. (I saved the roll for the chickens.) Bud had some kind of chicken breast with ham, Swiss cheese and bacon on top with black beans and mashed potatoes on the side, plus salad bar and roll. (He ate his roll.) Aren’t you thankful to know these details? šŸ™‚ We sat at a big table right in front of the big picture window and watched people pass by in the quaint little town of Jasper.

It was a one of my perfect days, and one which will linger in my memory for a while.







20 thoughts on “A Trip to the Glory Hole

  1. I love this story, as usual. I yearn for cool weather and being happy there’s a warm day. Your pictures and description capture the glory hole and make me feel I was there. Hope your knee gets better. Deep bruises are no fun!


    1. Thank goodness that there was nothing broken or cracked (that we know of). She is in quite a bit more discomfort that she is letting on, but she is a trooper, too. We will go back during a rainy season and send pictures of the waterfall(s). That boulder was bigger than a house. Those saplings you see in the foreground are full-sized, aged trees, except for a couple. It must be at least 50 feet high, and fell off of a cliffside just to the left of the picture


      1. I look forward to the rainy season pictures. The picture with you under the shelf showed the magnitude. Just incredible! Tell Kara to give that knee time to heal.


        1. I found a video on the internet of it when it was flowing, but I forgot to add it to the post! I hope we can go back when it is rainy season so that we can see it, and I will post a pic if we do. I’m not sure who you are, but I was able to do my walking today with only a little pain on the downhills. I’m pretty sure it’s just a bruise as Lockie above said, and I’m so grateful that’s all it is.


    2. Thank you, Lockie. I always appreciate your kind comments. I’m thankful that the knee has not given me much of a problem today, so i think it is indeed just a deep bruise. I have a fear of getting some injury that will cause long-term knee problems like Bud has, so this scared me a little. I think I’m gonna live, though, and won’t have any long standing problems. šŸ™‚ I hope you are having a good week, and I pray y’all will get some cooler weather down there soon. The weather there is one thing that I don’t miss!


  2. Very cool to see the hole without water, and looking forward to the next pictures with water. Beautiful area! I am so sorry you got hurt.


    1. Hey Grannie C, Pre-BD!

      I’m hoping we can get some pics of when it is flowing, too. I’ve seen pics online and it was just beautiful! I also found a video that I was going to include on my post, but I forgot.

      Though I fear getting a long-term knee injury like Bud has, I was really relieved that it was ME who fell, rather than him. His knees cause him so much pain on a regular basis. Thankfully…I was able to walk today with very little pain, except on the downhills, and I took it slow and easy on those, so I’m pretty sure this is just a deep bruise as Lockie said above.

      I hope you are having a most special, beautiful and nice day on this auspicious week, Grannie. šŸ˜‰


  3. Boy am I glad I read your post. Just looking at the title had me a little worried that things had fallen into, well, a strange place in your part of mid-America. You see, in my past life that term had a much different meaning in the seedier parts of Philly.


    1. I didn’t know about any other meaning for the term, and I think I probably don’t want to know, either. This part of mid-America in the country is like going back in time, and somehow, has remained fairly protected from the seediness. I pray it stays that way. It sounds as though you’ve escaped your past, and what sounds like an awful place. I’m happy for that, and hopefully your faith in humanity is restored by learning of a more pleasant meaning for the term. šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This sounded glorious! Your pictures just showed it wonderfully and now, I don’t need to see the glory hole for myself because I’ve seen it through the pictures! ha! šŸ™‚ Deep bruises are the worst things ever. Take your time to heal and please, be careful. šŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Lee Ann…though I hope you can see it sometime either through pictures or personally when the water is flowing. šŸ™‚ I’m babying my knee, and I think it’s going to be okay. I’m very relieved!


  5. Hi Kara, I am so so sorry about the fall on your knee.
    You are too hard on yourself. I say that bc I zoomed in on the pictures and you look so pretty. Your hair is beautiful and you don’t look “weighty” at all! I love the pictures of Bud, too, in his overalls. Laughed out loud at the “subliminal message” on his hat. What a great day. Often when I read your posts I wish I could come and visit you and that you could show me these places!
    This post has the song “just over in the glory land” stuck in my head…


    1. LOL, Shanda! That’s like my worst nightmare that someone would zoom in on those pictures. šŸ™‚ …but thank you for the compliment. I feel like I need some work or something…I need a haircut…maybe some bangs, and I’d feel confident enough to take a close-up. LOL. I’ve been feeling pretty ugly, lately, so thank you for zooming in and for your sweet compliments.

      I’d love for you to be able to visit here someday…hopefully when we finish fixing the place up.


    1. Thank you, A.W.N. I’m surprised that my knee still hurts, but it is more like a bone bruise, rather than anything deep. I’m definitely on the mend, though. Hope you have a great weekend!


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