Glutenous Maximus

Nov. 21, 2015 011

(The Rolls I made today.)

My rolls did not come out well yesterday. I forgot to put the sugar into the dough, but that was not the only thing I didn’t like about them. They were not fluffy, and were tough on the top. They were not ‘horrible’. I asked Bud if he wanted me to give them to the chickens, (who never met a bread product they didn’t like) and Bud said, “No!” (with a horrified look on his face.)

I also had one (*cough*cough*<Blushing>), and they really were not horrible. They just weren’t what I was trying to achieve. The recipe did not call for milk (which helps soften the dough), and I was not confident in how I shaped the rolls, either…so… I tried again TODAY with another recipe.

Oh my. These rolls are ‘to die for’. I’ve never made a bread product that was this soft and fluffy.

Nov. 21, 2015 015

Bud said they taste better than anything he has ever had in a restaurant! Though I know I will sound vain in saying so, I’m inclined to agree with him.

I used unbleached all-purpose flour in these. I also looked up how to shape rolls. Yesterday I tried rolling them like you would for ‘Play Dough’, and they never really seemed to want to properly form into a ball. After looking on the Internet, I found several methods for shaping dough for rolls, but I found the following link to be the most helpful, and this is how I did it.


The recipe I used is for the Bread Machine on the ‘Dough’ cycle. You take the dough out when the cycle is finished shape them, and then bake them in the oven. This recipe makes 16 rolls. It was very easy! The hardest part was shaping the dough.

Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmm….GOOD! I highly recommend these, and they will be a part of our Thanksgiving Dinner this year.


Really. After my taste test just now, I was seriously considered giving in to the Gluten Monster and allowing myself to lose all control…but I know how bad it will make me feel if I totally fall off the wagon again…and I know how puffy my face will get, and I know how foggy my brain will get, and I know how funky my thyroid will feel afterward. It’s not worth it until Thanksgiving Day…but I might have to make two pans of them on that day.

Nov. 21, 2015 012

13 thoughts on “Glutenous Maximus

  1. Yes! They REALLY are that good! I will have to eat all of them (torture … NOT!) to ‘help’ Kara avoid any gluten problems
    … and the first batch were yummy, too!


  2. I am so jealous! I might try one on Thanksgiving, but that would be it. They looked so good. I can almost smell the wonder aroma from here, lol. If I ate a roll I wouldn’t be able to eat a piece of pie. It would be a hard decision.
    Have you ever tried making gluten free bread in the bread maker? If you have had luck with making them I might try. Jennifer has a bread maker 😉


    1. My vote is to throw caution into the wind for one day. Have the pie AND the rolls…unless you are one of those people whose gluten symptoms are gastro-intestinal. 😦

      The yeasty aroma was so thick in here, Lockie! I had one roll to try it before I made my post. I wasn’t going to have one for supper, and I resisted. After supper, there was one that would not fit into the ziplock…JUST ONE…so ate it. 😦 I was lusting after those rolls, though…and my mouth was watering. That’s why I am just going to eat my fill of everything for one day on Thanksgiving, and eat till I feel like a bloated tick. I don’t want to feel deprived and keep thinking about how I wish I’d had it…then I’m more likely to want to do it again. That’s just me, though.

      I was making gluten free bread for long while. My sister told me about the best mix she had ever had, and I agreed after I tried it. It’s Pamela’s Bread Mix, and you can order it on Amazon in large quantities. It’s cheaper that way in the long run…but some grocery stores sell it, too. I made it in my bread machine, and it always came out perfect.

      Some of my problems did not resolve until I cut out all grains. The flours in many mixes contain high-glycemic flours like sorghum flour (and Pamela’s has it, too), so I highly suspect that part of my problems are insulin problems. I haven’t been tested in years, but I had many of the symptoms of insulin resistance…and even though I was walking 6-8 miles a day, I was not losing any weight until I cut out the grains and all sugar…I also noticed improvement of the brain fog, the puffiness in my face, and the thyroid issues. There were other symptoms, too, that resolved, but those I mentioned are the biggest ones. Even now, if I cheat, I can really tell. My thyroid has been feeling funky since I had those rolls, and I’ve bloated up…THREE rolls over two days. 😦 …and things start up again.

      If you don’t have any problems with gluten free bread products, I highly recommend Pamela’s bread mix. I never had a failure with it, and Bud liked it, too. It stays moist for a few days, and then gets dry…but it’s still good for toast after that. I would make a loaf, cut it in half, use one half and freeze the other half. It worked well.

      Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Lockie! 🙂


      1. Thanks! I will be trying Pamela’s for sure. I think I may have seen that mix at Sprouts. I can’t wait to look for it. Hope you and Bud have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Soap Lady and son! I want details later.


    2. I do have to add a caveat here: I do realize that those with Celiac Disease can’t just ‘cheat’, because ANY gluten can damage the gut further. It’s my understanding that cheating is not an option for those people…so me saying to have your pie and your gluten, too, was irresponsible to suggest for you (even if I was saying it tongue-in-cheek).

      The thing about me, is that I have never been tested. I just know that I feel bad when I eat it…or when I eat most grains, for that matter. Whether it be gluten or insulin issues for me, I don’t know. I just know that wheat makes me feel bad and gives me symptoms. I just wanted to make that clear, because I know that my seeming to make light of it, might seem frivolous to those who have been tested and KNOW they have Celiac Disease. If I got tested, I’d probably not be so inclined to cheat once in a while.


      1. Don’t worry about it, Kara. I took it the way it was intended, I knew what you were saying. I’ve eaten a whole yeast roll twice in the last 2 years. They were wonderful and I didn’t notice any ill effects. There are other items that have caused me great distress. Sometimes I have no idea what it was I ate. I almost never cheat and when I do it’s to take one bite of something. Afterwards, I always say that it didn’t taste as good as I remembered. The yeast rolls are another story altogether, lol


        1. Oh, good. I was worried. I know you’re good. 🙂 In fact, you sound like a woman with a will of steel! I’m usually pretty good, too. I’ve made homemade whole wheat bread pretty frequently for Bud and not been tempted. He was making homemade ice cream out of fresh milk for a while almost every day! I didn’t partake (that was kind of hard). He also likes me to make Custard Pies pretty frequently, and I don’t eat a piece of that either. If I eat enough protein and get enough good fats, I’m usually not tempted…but as I said…I had been lusting after those rolls and I let the thought get a hold of me. 🙂 I do think you are right, too, that in most cases…whatever it is that you think you want doesn’t taste as good as you remember. I find most things to be too sweet for me since I’ve cut sugars out of my diet almost completely…including high glycemic fruit.


  3. Oh my goodness, those rolls look absolutely perfect, Kara! My mouth is watering! I haven’t made bread in quite awhile because of our need to be gluten-free. We miss it, but we sure do feel better. 🙂

    I remember we talked about bread baking back when you posted about getting your Zojirushi … (still would love to have one of those, too) … oh, how I miss making my own loaves of bread! Makes me want to get to grinding and make it anyway, and besides, we’re signed up to bring the bread for our annual family Thanksgiving dinner … these would be a hit, for sure! We’re going to have 18 people so I would have to double and maybe even triple the recipe … I figure at least 2 per person since our family l-o-v-e-s bread, and any leftovers could be used for bread pudding! 🙂

    Thanks much for sharing the links, too. I assume you used the recipe from ‘Just A Pinch’ site for the rolls in your bread machine? I’m actually a member there, but it’s been a little while since I’ve been back .. this gives me a good excuse and I can save that recipe, too!

    I chuckled when I saw the title to this post … and your photos are beautiful!
    You have a wonderful week and a very blessed Thanksgiving Day, my friend! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Debi. Sometimes I get some good pictures, and sometimes I don’t. 😦 I thought these pictures looked ‘mouth-watering’.

      Yes, the recipe I posted on ‘Just a Pinch’ is the recipe I used. I had never heard of the site before, but the recipe had lots of good reviews, and it called for milk. I did not post the first recipe I used. I don’t think it was a bad recipe, and I did make a few mistakes that could have caused the problems. The recipe from ‘Just a Pinch’ I posted was SO good, I decided there was no point in posting the first one I tried. This will be my ‘forever’ roll recipe.

      I can’t speak highly enough of the Zojirushi. Unless it breaks, I’ll never wish for another kind. It has exceeded my expectations.

      Wow. That’s a big crowd! Yeah, I would think at least 2 rolls a piece if I were planning, and for us, maybe a few extra. Bud loves his bread, too. 🙂 Actually, who doesn’t? I know there will be pies, but sometimes people like to put some cranberry sauce on a roll for dessert…or eat some turkey on one later for a snack. Bud was just as complimentary eating one cold with breakfast this morning, so I know they keep well. I just put the leftovers in a ziplock and left them on the counter.

      I hope you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving too, Debi. 🙂


  4. WOW! I would love to swap paleo recipes with you! I made a sponge bread the other day, but wasn’t impressed. I try to keep us low carb at least, but the boys I live with refuse to jump on board with the grain-free stuff. I do make cookies with almond flour, etc. and they’re yummy. No one seems to mind. And my pumpkin pie was sugar free at least. I wish I could figure out a good grain free pie crust. Happy eating!


    1. It’s hard when you have to cook for a family that is not on board with the diet. Bud is a really good sport, though, and he’ll try anything and has liked most of my paleo meals. Even way back when we were doing ‘Atkins’, he ate the bread substitutes, which used soy flour and were HORRIBLE. 😛 I don’t have too many grain substitute recipes, but I do have a ‘wrap’ recipe that my sister gave me that is good to replace tortillas. I make that one fairly frequently. In the past, I’ve made a few nut crusts and they were ‘okay’…good if you need to put a pie filling in something. 🙂 Not something I’d say I ‘loved’. I’d love to have your almond flour cookie recipe.


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