I Present To You, A Fertilized Chicken Egg

I mentioned recently in my S-E-X post that I wished I had a picture to show what a fertilized chicken egg looks like.

I finally got a picture this morning  of a fertilized chicken egg. Notice the white ‘bullseye’ looking thingee on the yolk. That there is a HOME RUN.

November 29, 2015 025

Incidentally, that egg is frying in bacon grease…the ONLY way to fry an egg, in my own humble opinion.

6 thoughts on “I Present To You, A Fertilized Chicken Egg

  1. Thank you, Kara! Now I’ve finally seen a fertilized egg!
    So, where’s the bacon?! 😉
    I used to fry my eggs in bacon grease too, but, sigh, now that we’re ‘older’,
    the grease is a bit too harsh on these tummies of ours.
    I use coconut oil plus a tad real butter these days …
    not so bad, but we sure do miss that bacon frying and
    the flavor it always gave the eggs!


    1. This info about fertilized chicken eggs is life changing, isn’t it? 🙂 It was very interesting for me to find this out after thinking all these years that a blood spot meant the egg was fertilized. When you think about it, there is no way a grocery egg could possibly be fertilized anyway, because they are all closed up in a very small cage by themselves…not even room enough for them to stand up fully. Very sad. 😦 I try not to even think about it because it upsets me so much. Some people rescue ex-‘battery hens’ (those who have been raising eggs sold to the grocery store.) I’ve seen videos where they are set free in the sunlight for the first time and it breaks my heart. 😦


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