A Chicken’s Life (Poem)

~A Chicken’s Life~


Each morning my nose,

is crinkled in pose,

 …a war ‘twixt horror and sublime,

Beautiful stink,

Dichotomy, I think.

I love you and hate you each time.

A big door for me,

large and free,

I come to clean up the poop.

Out they scamper

they don’t like the pamper

Small door, an exit from coop.

Boxes in a row

Pregnancy glow,

Pre-born, nestled under breast.

“Hey, Chicken, it’s an egg!

I’m not pulling your leg!

…Breakfast, at my behest!”

Clucking, and clawing

talons pawing,

looking for bugs that hide.

Forever you’ll haunt

the morsels you want

‘The Hunt’, half the fun of the ride.

Jan 13, 2015 053

“Henpecking Sister,

He’s MY mister,

…this Roo that dances for ME.

His attention is mine,

You will be fine,

Your time will come… you’ll see.”

A shadow above

It’s not a dove.

Run to hide in the brush.

One never knows,

as the fear grows

what flies overhead in a rush.

Resting and preening,

Unaware it’s unseeming

to rifle one’s beak through the tush.

They have to care

for their derriere.

Pride, the motivating push.

Writhing in soil,

in hole, they toil,

ridding themselves of nits.

Wings all askew

legs spread, too

They look like they’re having fits!

Sun setting low,

to bed they must go.

Loading their crops before night.

Fighting through the door

making way ‘cross the floor

they jump, pick a spot, and then fight.

Slowly they settle

No longer they meddle

as the sun goes to bed in the sky.

Succor and peace

nestling feather- fleece

On their breasts their weary heads lie.

6 thoughts on “A Chicken’s Life (Poem)

      1. Hi Kim. Congrats on the chicks!…and the broody Mama. It is so neat to watch Mother hens taking care of chicks. I saw chicks at the feed store, a week and half ago, and couldn’t resist. We got six of them. It’s impossible to be unhappy when you are around chickens. 😛


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