Ode to a Crayon

(Dandelion Crayon Gets An Early Retirement from Crayola)


Crayola Crayon Dandelion (Credit: Tumblr)

Ode to a Crayon

by Kara


Waxy friend

of yellow-gold,

Our childhood painted

in color so bold.

Your roar will be missed

and forever we’ll hold

that you were quite a ‘dandy’ lion.

(*Don’t mind me, I’m on a roll today.)

2 thoughts on “Ode to a Crayon

  1. Just wonderful! A note about my east Texas garden 1. Double headed cabbage growing, each is 4 inches in diameter 2. Harvesting about 2 beats a week for stir fry or juicing, staggered planting 3. Many cilantro plants are progressing 4. Carrots, staggered planting, short finger type carrots, harvest begins in about 2 weeks 5. Tomato plants, some from seed, 4 purchased plants, hope for fruit in June 6. Asparagus ….anybody’s guess, 5 plants 7. Bush beans…who knows?!? Thanks for writing about dandy lion Karen

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Wow! That’s definitely one of the perks of living in Texas. 😉 I’ve seen pics of your gardens in the past, so I know you have quite a green thumb. 🙂 …something I definitely don’t have. I keep trying, though. Thanks for the update! I enjoy hearing about what you are up to, and it sounds like you have really settled into your new place.


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