The Milkweed

(Photo courtesy of Honey Bee Suite. <===Please click on the link to find out more about Milkweed!)


The Milkweed

by Richard Wilbur


Anonymous as Cherubs

Over the crib of God

White seeds are floating

Out of my burst pod.

What power had  I

Before I learned to yield?

Shatter me, great wind:

I shall possess the field.


I stumbled upon this poem and I thought it was worth sharing. It was a comforting reminder for me, and I know there are many people out there who feel as I do–that their lives are just a bunch of shattered, broken pieces of a ‘whole’….false starts, aborted attempts, forked roads, dead ends.

For me, the ‘great wind’ is God. Most Christians know that in order for our lives to be used as the Lord intends, we MUST yield and be broken. “It is not I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20) Our strength comes when Jesus is living in us, and working through us. WE must get out of the way. I believe that in God’s economy, this is so that there is no doubt that we, ourselves, are ANYTHING (can DO anything) on our own. At least for me, when I try to make things happen on my own, I am thwarted, over and over again.

It is through a broken life that I KNOW I am nothing. There is nothing I can do to earn the free gift of salvation that Jesus made possible. I am saved–not because I am good enough, not because I am perfect, not because I earned it, not because of anything I have achieved, not because my life is whole…but because I am broken, and I need a savior.

I can’t see any use to the broken pieces of my life. By the world’s standards, I have achieved NOTHING.  I have no children, I’ve never had a career, I’m not rich. I also tend to like to be alone. As I get older, it’s frustrating to see that I have nothing to show for my life. I am, however, greatly comforted that God has a plan that I cannot see. He knows the importance of each broken piece of my life thrown here and there in the chronology of my life. I am grateful that Bud often reminds me that I can’t see what God sees–the future, the bigger picture, the impact these small chunks have had on someone, somewhere…even if it was some public mistake I made that seems like a disaster to ME. I am not the architect with the plan.

I’m hoping that someone else is encouraged today. Your life is not a mistake…and your mistakes are not a mistake. God knew what you would do and how you would do it, and He can take even what satan intends to be a disaster in your life and turn it into something good.

(Incidentally, Milkweed –something most people consider to be a weed, is the ONLY plant that Monarch butterflies in the larvae stage will eat.)

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4 thoughts on “The Milkweed

  1. I think You should keep blogging, you are a great writer something I am not! I like to see your posts and photos!! I hope your feeling well! If you decide to finish the AT I’ll be there to follow along on your blog!


    1. Thank you. I’m not sure who this is (and it’s not necessary to reveal) but I can’t say whether you are a good writer or not. 🙂 I appreciate the people who press on and read my stuff, and I so appreciate your kind words. 🙂


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